September 2016 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2016

Peter called the HPAC meeting to order in the Horner Park Field House at 7:08pm.

Previous Minutes:
The minutes of the July 2016 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
The following funds are in HPAC accounts:

MB checking     $10,307.53
MB savings       $44,731.54
Paypal               $10,886.54
Total                 $65,925.61
All accounts reconcile with QuickBooks.

John O’Connell questioned the Profit and Loss statement for the Concert Series – he thinks there are missing expenses. Kevin is still making sure every item is categorized correctly.

Farmers Market:
There are 3 markets left. The next market is Kids Day and will feature a table with activities.

Dog Friendly Area:
The calendar is out to print and they will start selling at the Farmers Market. A Facebook on-line auction will be held in October.
Erica is going to talk to Deb about doing something at the Pumpkin Patch.
So far, $110,000 has been raised, which includes a $38,000 pledge from Alderman Mell, a $25,000 pledge from Alderman Pawar, and a $15,000 pledge from HPAC.

Erica presented a concept in late June and the Park District is supposed to respond with their concept. Peter is going to follow up.

Concert Committee:
There was $12,000- $13,000 revenue and 12,000- $13,000 in expenses. There were no rain-outs. John O’Connell will meet with the committee in November to start planning the 23rd season. Peter said that the attendance was much larger than in the past. John O’Connell believes that this is because of the new signs, social media, and email notifications.

Park Briefs:
Horner Park:
Eric, the wood shop instructor is now monthly. Julie left and a new instructor, Alex, was promoted to her position.

Deb questioned when the best time for the playlot dedication, given there is not a fixed date for completion. Erica suggested having it during the pumpkin patch, which is October 22; Alderman Mell would then be available for both events.

The alderman would also like to have a food truck here at Horner Park. Again, by scheduling during the pumpkin Patch would help to generate sales.

Ash trees were treated 3 years ago and need to be re-treated: 61 trees are healthy and treatable, 3 were removed, and 1 was overlooked originally. The total cost is $6000; the ward will contribute half. There was discussion about were HPAC can get the funds. The treatment needs to be done while there are still leaves on the trees. Amy moved that we fund the treatment and Erica amended it to say that we actually do some fundraising afterwards. The motion passed unanimously. John Friedmann believes that Horner Park will be a show case for Ash trees as most of the others in the city have died. He also hope to obtain 3 Blue Ash trees in the spring – Blue Ash have square branches.

Deb is preparing to order sound equipment that can be used with movie equipment and live acts. Deb will contact the Portage Advisory Council to better review the cost/benefits of their system.
Deb is also looking into WiFi and air-conditioning options for the building.

There was discussion about a trash enclosure for the dumpsters. Deb is going to ask the Park District.

Carol is going to find out when CDOT is coming to complete the bike path from Montrose into the park.

Deb put in a request to put in more concrete where the garbage trucks are causing ruts.

There was some concern about poison used to kill rats actually killed a pet dog. There is also a concern about a growing homeless population. Peter believes that trimming the trees could help reduce the problem so he is going to schedule something with Deb.

Erica is going to check with her sons cross country teams to see if they want to help Deb with the Turkey Trot.

There was a round of applause for Deb for her help with Horner Fest.

Ravenswood Manor Park:
John O’Connell is still waiting for the tree from Open Lands. Carol said their planting date is Oct. 12 and maybe they could come that day. John O’Connell is going to contact Michael Brown, head of the forestry department, to see if a date can be set up.

John O’Connell reported that all the lights are working. A broken bench was removed; Deb had put in a order to repair a board. Deb will check on the status.

John said the grounds near Eastwood needed seeding. Deb said she could be in a request.

Jacob Park:  No Report

Buffalo Park:  No Report

Sunken Gardens:
Deb reported that the emails regarding problem usage of the park seems to have settled down.

Website Committee:
Kevin installed WordFence, which works with WordPress.
WordPress is up for renewal next month. We can go to a month-month lease. We may want to move to another platform.

Nominating Committee:
President: Peter Schlossman
Vice-President: John Friedmann
Secretary: Amy Jahnke and Diane Sutliff
Treasurer: Lisa Cleveland
Assistant Treasurer: Gretchen Helmreich

Kevin will help with the transition to the new treasurer as well as with website issues.

There was a round of applause for the nominating committee.

Stewardship Committee:
John O’Connell has been watering. Sue Davenport and John O’Connell are working on a grant report for $500 worth of plants and soil provided earlier this year by the Chicago Park District (CPD). The report is due in October.

New Business:
October 1 – Last Farmers Market
October 22 – Pumpkin Patch from 10am-2pm
November 19 – Turkey Trot (1 mile family fun)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa Cleveland Co-Secretary

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