September 2011 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

President Peter Schlossman called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM; the meeting was at the Horner Park Field House. A quorum was determined to be present.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the 7/11/11 meeting were approved unanimously.

Report of the Treasurer

Chase Checking: $5,248.20
Chase Savings: $5,126.37
MB Checking: $7,351.35
Paypal: $1,076.58
Total: $18,802.50

All accounts are under review for reconciliation.

John O’Connell gave checks for trees for $990 and discussed outstanding concert payments.

Kevin Anderson is evaluating alternative accounting systems. Kevin Anderson confirmed that paperwork filed and checks written for insurance provider and Illinois Secretary of State.

Riverbank Study

Peter Schlossman exchanged email with Nicole Roach (USACE). An internal briefing is still underway. Once completed, a public hearing will be held.

There was some discussion about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s environmental agenda: River front parks and the Bloomingdale trail.

Garden Committee

No Report.

Concert Committee

John O’Connell expressed respect and appreciation to Rocco Jans, Michael Holm, Matt Campbell, Chris Moran, and Susan Baushke for their efforts on the concert committee. Peter Schlossman thanked the entire committee for the dedicated service.

The Movie Night Concert was well received, with well over 200-300 attendees, and a huge line for popcorn! All monies have been received, except for one outstanding account.

John O’Connell reported that the concert committee takes well over 150 volunteer hours. A meeting is planned to discuss ideas for sharing certain concert committee activities, such as fundraising.

Dog Friendly Area

No Report.

Park Briefs

Jake Palumbo attended for Tom McManamon.


The police department has been writing over 20 tickets per day every weekend for dog leash violations.

Ravenswood Manor

The bulletin board has been removed and will be repaired in the woodshop.

For the last 2-3 years, John O’Connell has had permission to use the fire hydrant. Because of new requirements, he now needs to buy a hand pump; the cost will be under $50, to be refunded by HPAC.

John O’Connell reported that the city planted four of the trees. Two more trees need to be planted. The city will dig the holes. This results in a less arduous planting party, but there will still be plenty of dirt for all.

Michael Holm will update the website to make sure the Trees project is the top fundraising project.

Buffalo Park

Susan Davenport is now the Buffalo Park Steward and will keep the planters watered.


Tom McManamon and John O’Connell discussed potential improvements with 47th Ward leadership, jerry Gies and neighbors.

Sunken Gardens

Barb Wood committed to HPAC representatives that she would plant two trees at Sunken Gardens, using funds from her budget. The trees would be planted behind the benches. The date is to be determined.

The Sunken Gardens community can raise additional funds if more development is desired.

There was discussion of the blog that was critical of Sunken Gardens and Jacob Park.

New Business

Patrick Boylan, representing, attended the meeting to explore areas of interest between his publication and HPAC.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Attendance Roster:

Peter Schlossman, President; Kevin Anderson –Treasurer; Lisa Cleveland, Co Secretary; John Bernbom, Co-Secretary; Larry Brown, John O’Connell; Patrick Boylan, Michael Holm, Jake Palumbo and baseball representatives.

Respectfully submitted: Lisa Cleveland, Co-Secretary

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