September 2006 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

Larry Brown, as President, presiding, called the meeting to order at 7:11 PM. John O’Connell acted as secretary for this meeting.

Previous Minutes: The minutes of the July 10, 2006 meeting were distributed and approved with corrections unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Elaine Taylor delivered the Treasurer’s report for both July and September. The fund balances follow:

July 8, 2006
Savings Acct. $ 4,541.59
Checking Acct.  8,397.60
Total  $12,939.19

September 11, 2006
Savings Acct.  $4,568.72
Checking Acct.  8,080.44
Total  $12,649.16

The letter asking for the usual grant has been sent to the Illinois State Historic Preservation Agency. We also informed them of the upcoming (just competed) Horner Monument cleaning and they were happy to receive that report. We have also paid the $5.00 to the Illinois Secretary of State to maintain our non-profit status. Elaine asked that all expense receipts and income be given to her by 9/15 so she can close the books for this year. It was noted that Elaine will be transitioning off soon, and preparations are being made for a smooth transfer of the books to the new Treasurer.

John O’Connell related that the Executive Committee has met recently and a slate for the officers to serve the next 2 years was announced:

  • President: Larry Brown
  • Vice President: John Lyman
  • Secretary: John O’Connell
  • Treasurer: John Lyman (temporary)

The election will be held at the October meeting. It was noted we would still like to recruit a co-secretary and a Treasurer. The By-Laws were distributed for clarification.

Horner Field Renovation Report:
Tom McManamon reported that 5 fields have been competed, and he has met with Miker Vasky on the remained of the project. Sod will be laid in the fall. Rain has pushed back the schedule slightly. The project is about 70% completed at this time.

The little field house still needs to be started. The money for funding the renovation has been delivered to the CPD. The parking lot may get resurfaced, but nothing has been provided to Kitty Gale yet. The lights for the athletic fields have been ordered per Kitty Gale. It was noted that HPAC did ask the alderman’s office via a letter for another meeting, but no response was received. A copy of a letter Pat Byrne had sent to Mayor Daley was read aloud (a copy had been furnished to HPAC), noting the ecological problems, including threats to 2 species of blue herons that could ensue with the new lights. It was suggested by an attendee that the Advisory Council might want to take a stronger position on protecting wildlife species that could be harmed with the potential deployment of the new lights. Julie Peterson informed that an appeal is currently being made to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Concern over wildlife and the impact lights could have prompted Julie Peterson to prepare a report on environmental impact for the October meeting. HPAC has asked for materials that support these environmental concerns.

Strategic Planning:
Larry Brown then led the group through a review of the recent strategic planning session in which the Executive Committee recently engaged (June 29 and August 31). He noted that the CPD would like us to raise more money for projects and programs. He reported on the list of priorities we will focus on this year. Those are: 1) Buffalo Park Seating, 2) Horner Monument cleaning, 3) Gardener 4) Jacob Park expansion, 5) Upgrade of financial software, 6) Website enhancements, 7) recruitment of new members, 8) Elections, 9) Fundraising, and 10) Irving Park underbridge Connector. We may look into new revenue sources like a Horner Fest.

Park Announcements:
Pumpkin Patch October 7
Advisory Council Appreciating Day at Northerly Island: September 9.
Regional Budget hearings, North Region at Warren Park on September 21

Kevin Anderson reported that he is making progress on securing the old flagpole from the Foster Police Station. He has been in contact with Alderman O’Connor’s office.

Pete Leki asked for a clarification on the role of advisory councils. Matt Marino responded that they are helpful from an advisory capacity, but the final authority for parks rests with the CPD.

Julie Peterson said she can help recruit student volunteers for park clean ups through the CPS and the Service Learning program.

The Horner Monument cleaning has been completed (including new tuckpointing). It looks great.

Summer Concerts:
Elaine reported that the 2006 summer concert financials were:

$11,680 Income
(10,212) Expenses
$ 1,468 Net surplus

Suzy Novak informed that she will be finishing up work by mid-October. She may be moving some of Larry Hodak’s plants from Horner monument garden to Manor Park. She is also in contact with the horticulturalist at Kilbourn Park for improvements at the Horner Monument garden. She will be working with the Manor Garden Club for seeds. John O’Connell needs photos of the Manor Garden in order to apply to GreenNet for a grant.

It was noted that the planters along Manor Avenue have been removed by the CTA for their Francisco station staging. The Council encouraged Kitty to inquire with the CTA to improve the point at Manor Park when they are finished with their renovation of the area.

Suzy reports there are rats at Sunken Garden. Tom McManamon has been informed and is setting traps.

Web site: 
Larry Brown is working with Michael Holm to post images on our site. We hope to post soon our minutes as well as by-laws.

Park Briefs:
A short discussion ensued on putting lights along the bike path.

Matt Fontana has been promoted to Warren Park; he is to be replaced here. Appreciation was expressed for his service to Horner.

Jacob Park:
Concern was voiced for homeless frequenting Jacobs Playlot.

Buffalo Park:
John O’Connell handed out materials relating ot the upcoming capital campaign for Buffalo Park. He hopes to launch the direct mail campaign by the end of September.

No other business, the meeting adjourned at 9:12 PM. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday October 2 at 7 PM at Horner Park.

Respectfully submitted: John O’Connell

Roster of those in Attendance: Larry Brown, President; John Lyman, Vice President; John O’Connell, Co-Secretary; Gerry Giese, Co-Secretary; Kevin Anderson; Patrick Cassidy; Pete Leki; Susie Novak; Julie Peterson; Elaine Taylor; Peter Schlossman; Mat Marino, CPD; Tom McManamon, CPD; Kitty Gale, CPD

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