October 2014 Meeting Minutes


Horner Park Advisory Council


October 8, 2014

The HPAC meeting was called to order at the Horner Park Fieldhouse at 7:08pm.

Previous Minutes:
The minutes of the September 2014 meetings were approved, pending changes.

Treasurer’s Report: The following funds are in HPAC accounts:
Checking         $15,609.96
Savings           $14,875.81
PayPal             $4,3783.08
Total               $34,868.85

QuickBooks has not been reconciled with these accounts. Final accounting for the concert committee will be provided to John O; it is roughly $12,000 received and $10,000 spent. Kevin will let the DFA know of any recurring donations.

The Annual Report was filed on Oct. 1.  The bill for the website usually comes due at the end of October. We generally pay for 2 years.

Dog Friendly Area Committee:
All spots for the concessions at Midnight Circus have been filled.

Set-up, clean-up, ushers, etc. are still needed. Any students who need service hours or anyone interested in helping are welcome to offer their services.

Erica and Peter met with Bob Foster, Maya Solis, Alderman Mell, Claudia Malik, Rob Rejman, Alonzo Williams. The meeting went somewhat as expected: they are not comfortable with the size of the proposed dog park or the use of grass. Erica and Peter presented their arguments for the DFA vision. They park district is going to review their position. The park district likes mixed-use fields (e.g., both soccer and football) and Peter suggests we be pro-active in thinking of how else the DFA could be used, such as a passive seating area or dog yoga. Erica listed many other single use parks, but Peter continued to encourage everyone to consider alternatives.

The park staff at the meeting followed up with Tom to see if he supports the project.

Concert Committee:
The last show was last week – an original play of 5 Chicago ghost stories presented by Theatre Hikes. RIMA has not replied regarding a bash next year.  John O. will chair the concert committee for another year. The first meeting will be Nov. 12.  John O. will look at improved portable lighting.

Farmer’s Market:
HPFM has been going very well. Thank you to everyone who has come out and supported the market – it is a great market with a great community gathering place. The Market has been extended to the end of October (October 25th). Our first October market this past weekend was quite cold and we had a lower turnout. Overall though, people are very excited about the market and are excited to continue supporting it in October.

Gretchen spoke with Tom about the October 25th pumpkin patch at Horner Park. On that day, our vendors will be clear of the staff driveway (off Montrose) by 8:15 am to keep it clear for pumpkin patch load in. It should be a busy morning at Horner Park!

As of Sunday, 10/5/2014, our current HPFM account balance is $2,546.31.  We expect our total earnings to be around $3,000 for the season. We plan to reinvest these funds into next year’s market, for HPFM marketing materials and also we’re thinking about some additional fundraising opportunities, like selling HPFM shopping bags.

Everyone should take the opportunity to see the HPFM 60-second video. Big Teeth Productions graciously prepared the video pro bono (they are in the neighborhood). HPAC appreciates their contribution and extends their thanks. We plan to use the video to encourage new vendors to join us at next year’s market.

Planning for the 2015 HPFM season will begin this November.

Park Briefs:

 Horner Park:
Several problems were reported: broken glass by the buffalo box, a depression in the sidewalk that fills with water, graffiti on the monument, a damaged park bench, and repairs needed for a baseball bench. Tom is aware of most of these problems and has issued work orders.

DePaul Academy, Lane Tech, and St. Pat’s are sponsoring a baseball clinic this Sunday, Oct. 12. 50 children have signed up.

Equipment from McFetridge and Wells has been delivered. The equipment will be put in the room previously used for the deaf and hard of hearing programs, which will be relocated to a nicer room.

Tom described a heavy-duty, inflatable, portable batting cage. The cage is 20 ft. long and 12 ft. wide and takes about 20 minutes to set up. Cages can be combined with other cages length-wise and can be used indoor or outdoor. Because they can be combined, they offer enormous flexibility and that can be tailored to specific needs. Tom would like 4 at cost of about $26,000. Tom is looking for 6 sponsors, including Horner Park North-West Little League, HPAC, Alderman Mell, and the Chicago Park District.

There are waiting lists for all children’s activities. Julie is leaving to work on her master’s degree; Tom will look for a replacement.

Tom and John F. said that riverbank is looking beautiful. Pictures were passed and John F. volunteered to write an article for the website to be posted by Thursday.

On Thursday, the herbicide effort will be started.

Several people expressed concern about what will happen to the running path. Unfortunately, it will probably have to be closed until spring.

Peter has received enthusiastic response to the restoration from patrons at the Farmer’s Market.

Ravenswood Manor Park:
Tom spoke with John O and Alderman Mell regarding garbage cans and trash. The park district has contracts and can’t pick up residential cans.

John O. raised a concern about lights that are out. Tom said he thought they were fixed; John is going to recheck the lights.

John O met with Liz O’Callaghan from CPD Natural Resources last week. She wanted to do some weeding and mulching, which John agreed was necessary, and it was done earlier today. She is going to try to get native plants to fix the lawn in the middle of Eastwood. She needs volunteers, and John O. suggested better use of the bulletin board for all volunteer recruitment needs.

Jacob Park:
Bids are out; Tom said the interval would not be long.

Buffalo Park:
The mysterious tree that appeared is a Filbert Tree.

Sunken Gardens:
There has been a problem with vandalizing. Because it is an un-manned park, the park district cannot supervise it. Patrick spoke with Tom about it; Tom encouraged Patrick to call the police and attend CAPS meetings.

Old pictures of Sunken Garden are on the Ravenswood Manor website.

 Website Committee: No Report

 Grand Tour Promotion: No Report

Open Lands: Ann Rozmin is tracking down trees. John O. appreciates that we passed the proposal last month.

 Stewardship Committee:
John O. applies for water permits every year. The city said that all keys have to be returned each year or we may not get keys next year. Jacob and Buffalo Parks need them but John O is unable to return the keys because of schedule constraints.

Nominating Committee:
John O. thanks the nominating committee, Peter, Erica, and John F.

Peter is nominated as president, John F. as Vice-President, Lisa Cleveland and Amy Jahnke as Co-Secretaries, and Kevin Anderson as Treasurer.

The board was approved unanimously. John O and Kevin will look into updating the Stewardship website, obtaining signature cards from the bank, and changing the stationery.

Many thanks to Larry and Sarah for their years of service on the HPAC board.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm. The next meeting is Oct. 6 at 8pm.

Respectfully submitted: Lisa Cleveland


Peter Schlossman – President John Friedmann – Vice-President Kevin Anderson – Treasurer Amy Jahnke – Co-Secretary Lisa Cleveland – Co-Secretary Tom McManamon – Park Supervisor John O’Connell – Chair, Concert, Stewardship, and Nominating Committees Erica Beutler – Chair, DFA, Lynn Sheck – DFA

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