October 2006 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

Larry Brown, as President, presiding, called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. John O’Connell acted as secretary for this meeting.

Previous Minutes: The minutes of the September 11, 2006 meeting were distributed and approved with corrections unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Elaine Taylor delivered the Treasurer’s report for October. The fund balances follow:

Savings Acct. $4,595.86
Checking Acct. 5,049.24
Total $9,645.10

This reflects a recent disbursement to pay for the refurbishing and cleaning of the Henry Horner Monument.
She reported that the 2006 Summer Concert Series enjoyed a surplus of $1,609.05, and after 12 years has netted $6,809.05. In addition, Tom McManamon has been added (and Terry Sweeney removed) as the “Registered Agent” at Horner Park; this amended form, and along with the usual $10 has been sent to the Illinois Secretary of State for our reregistration.

As was announced at the previous meeting on September 11, the Executive Committee presented a new slate of officers for two year terms, beginning October of 2006, ending September 2008. That slate consists of:

  • Larry Brown: President
  • John Lyman: Vice President
  • John O’Connell: Co-Secretary
  • John Lyman: Treasurer

In addition, a nomination for Co-Secretary was made for: Kevin Anderson.

There being no further nominations, and all nominations seconded, the slate was ratified by all members present 10 – 0.

Pumpkin Patch will be held this weekend, October 7.

April Weincik has been promoted to Touhy Park and will be replaced. Jake Palumbo recently had open heart surgery.

Some of the Horner Park general lighting has been repaired. Several of the picnic-area groves will now require permits for use.

There is no update on the underbridge connector or the Horner Riverbank project.

Concert Committee:
Susan Malone will join the committee and help to expand the committee to include movies at Horner Park in 2007.

Garden Committee:
Susie Novak is winding down her activities, and will be providing her last timesheet for the season in November. The box in Manor playlot has been planted. The 4 planters on Manor parkway removed from the CTA have been located. She plans to cut back some of the lilacs at the pergola which have been damaged by kids. Photos of Manor Park Garden were provided to John O. for the GreenNet grant. She reports the Garden Club will help on the garden in Manor Park.

The “grapevine fence” in Manor Park has been destroyed twice, and we need to arrive at a new solution. Pete Leki agreed to advise over the winter. It was noted signage might help, and Julie Peterson said the Riverbank Neighbors have a sign crafts-woman who has furnished them with useful items, and she would approach her for a design.

A short discussion ensued about improving the north point of Manor Park, in light of the CTA work being done there. John O. reported he was at the Warren Park capital budget meeting on September 20, and encouraged Superintendent Tim Mitchell to work with the CTA on this, as well as support the Buffalo Park Project.

Susie is getting some assistance on plant supplies from Kilbourn Park for Sunken Gardens and Jacobs Parks. She wants to organize a clean up of the Horner shrubs this fall; Tom can help coordinate that.

Web Site:
Larry reported that a meeting was held 3 weeks ago with Michael Holm, and improvements are expected shortly. We are changing our host and using an updated application.

Horner Field Renovation Report:
We are close to completion; structures are built, infields filled and graded. Soon sod will be laid in the infield and outfield. There is no word on what is happening with the Junior Fieldhouse.

Horner Lights:
Julie Peterson reported on research she has done on the lights in parks controversy. She will be sending some emails to our website directing us to information on this topic, which is being debated all over the country. She hopes that with more information, we can formulate an opinion on baseball lights.

Volunteer Committee:
Julie and Kevin and Jill Hutchins offered to form a Volunteer/Stewardship Committee, and make regular reports to this body. Julie believes she can recruit many student volunteers. John O. noted that this past Saturday was National Public Lands Day, and we would like to do more to fulfill our commitment to “adopting” Horner Park. Julie said that the Riverbank Neighbors engage in a “Beyond Today” program that talks about environmentalism in neighborhoods. Julie and Kevin are currently enrolled in the Chicago Conservation Corps Training Program to be leaders. It was also noted that the 47th Ward is now experimenting with a new recyclables pick-up program. Kevin Anderson moved to establish this committee; the motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Park Briefs:

Jacob Park: None

Buffalo Park: John O’Connell distributed fundraising materials for the campaign, and recruited help on distributing flyers at doorsteps.

Sunken Garden Park: There is no baiting for rats, but Tom will bait away from the park. The sign at Sunken Garden Park is missing, as is the one for Manor Park.

Old Business: None

New Business: The question was broached about the policy of allowing air-horns at baseball games and noise pollution. Tom said he would get back to Julie on that.

The problem of not enough trash containers was briefly discussed, including the use of signs.

The contractor on the Horner Monument will return for finishing touches. There are new lights under the trees, and they still need to grind up some old stumps.

There was an article about a robbery in Horner Park on Sept. 20 in the paper.

No other business presented, the meeting adjourned at 8:35.

The next meeting will be at Horner Park fieldhouse on Monday, November 6 at 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted: John O’Connell

Roster of those in Attendance: Larry Brown, President; John Lyman, Vice President; John O’Connell, Co-Secretary; Gerry Giese, Co-Secretary; Kevin Anderson; Patrick Cassidy; Larry Hodak; Jill Hutchins; Pete Leki; Susan Malone; Alan Mueller; Susie Novak; Julie Peterson; Elaine Taylor

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