November 2014 Meeting Minutes


Horner Park Advisory Council


November 3, 2014

The HPAC meeting was called to order at the Horner Park Fieldhouse at 7:07pm.

Previous minutes:

  • Some changes regarding misspelled names and a missing Farmers Market report
  • Minutes approved with amendments

Treasurer’s Report:
MB chking                  16,328.77
MB savings                 14,875.81
Paypal                           4,489.76
Total:                          35,694.34


  • Other filings: 990 for the IRS update form (overdue but it’s in now). Other one is state non-profit franchise filing. It has been submitted.
  • Renewal for the website is coming up this week, Kevin is going to check the status of this.
  • Kevin talked to MB banker downtown; instead of John being put on sig card down there, John can go to Lawrence/Western – Kevin doesn’t need to accompany him. Minutes on site proves new officers.
  • Quickbooks has been reconciled with all these accounts. Still working on reconciling Concerts, Farmers, DFA. Kevin will follow up on a statement received saying that the HPAC savings account is dormant.
  • Total:                          35,694.34
  • MB savings                14,875.81

    Concert Committee
  • RMIA (Thomas Applegate) did a fantastic job with the centennial committee.

  • John O. is trying to get a 21st season together, Wednesday Nov. 12th at 7:30pm, there is a meeting at John O.’s house for interested parties (4530 N. Mozart). Sunken Gardens is also invited. John would like to bring back a concert in Horner Park, but we need producers for this.
  • Manor Bash may be coming back in a “Mini Manor bash” format where RMIA partners with HPAC.
  • Tentative plan for next year is 7 or 8 evening concerts, one at Sunken, one at Horner, and then the Mini Manor bash.
  • One of the goals of the concerts is to showcase HPAC to recruit new people
  • John O. would love new committee members and is open to ideas!
  • Maybe reach out to Jacob Park to see if they want an event
  • Erica had the idea of a square dance for Saturday afternoon market in conjunction with Farmers Market
  • Carol: Possible to borrow existing system for 33rd Ward candidate forum in January? Peter: if you need it, just ask. John F. has a board as well.Dog Friendly Area:
  • Thank you to all the volunteers (Carol, Kevin, etc.). Midnight Circus was really fun, every show was sold out. Numbers to be tallied in Dec, final payout in Jan. Concessions: $5600 (gross we get 40% of net). Everyone thought it was a good event and went smoothly. Circus says thank you to everyone, and that they’d be interested in doing it again. They’d like banners returned to them; Erica to follow up with Tom to find them.
  • There is discussion that they want to move the Circus to Horner Park next year. We want to think very hard about taking it on next year; it is a TON of work… it will probably be up to Tom if we want to have this.
  • More shows sold out this year than in the past; Wells tends to be one of the stronger showings. Overall, they did better this year than in the past.
  • Erica sent a letter to CPD reps about a multi-use area; there has been no other follow-up.
  • Erica has name of someone who can do a preliminary drawing of a multi-use area (Chuck Black). Discussion about other potential people who could help.
  • Maybe doing a fundraiser in Jan/Feb.
  • John F. says to go into the fenced-off area (oak savannah) to get an idea of what it could look like)
  • People are confusing the restoration area with a potential dog park. People aren’t complaining about it due to that confusion, however.
  • They’ve signed up for Prairie Farms Dairy promotion
  • Still on Amazon Smile
  • Have promo stuff on Zazzle, and have some t-shirts they are using to entice donors
  • Kevin: we now have the ability to accept donated stocks is now set up
  • John O.: from Allan Mueller: letter in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “thank goodness for dog parks”Horner Park:

  • Riverfront update (John F.):


  • Grading is done
  • Planted 232 trees and bushes, putting 50 more trees and bushes in. 3,000-4,000 plugs (native plantings) are going in over the next few weeks. They have placed PVC pipe around the bottom of trees, hopefully beavers don’t like oak too much. Kevin lost an oak tree last year to beavers.
  • 10 other large trees are coming
  • 7-8 truckloads of mulch might be available, either for park trees or in the parking lot for neighborhood use
  • 5 extra flagstones will be used for shoreline seating at the base of the stairs
  • The two vernal pools aren’t working out very well (contractor is not using liners); water is flowing underneath the rocks. Right now it looks “scummy.” They will be putting water plants in, those might hide the scum.
  • Looks really nice down there!
  • They’ve killed the non-native plantings, CPD will be replacing that with plants
  • Carol M. asked if they haven’t used the email list notification about the herbicides, etc. – Gretchen didn’t get an email either (or John, or Erica).

  • Other Horner Updates:
  • Thank you to Carol for removing the monument graffiti! She had 2 bottles of graffiti remover from the Alderman’s office.
  • HPAC used to get a grant for graffiti removal; haven’t applied for this in 5 years (they were turned down due to lack of funding)
  • Bus stop bench damage: still an outstanding issue: Amy will ask Eric in the Wood Shop about this.
  • Amy asked about the missing basketball backboard
  • Questions about timing of basketball and tennis court lights
  • Pumpkin Patch: Outstanding event! This one was the best John O. has seen. Attendance was incredible, beautiful day, Horner Park Jazz Band was playing. Tom said 400-500 usually; John O. felt it was about 1k. Complements to CPD for a wonderful job well done!
  • No plans for fall cleanup at this time: Gretchen gets messages from kids who want to do service hours, maybe there is an opportunity here? Maybe possible to have 2 established cleanup dates a year. Earth Day and National Public Lands Day, perhaps? Stewardship for Horner is a very big job. Maybe someone to address issues like the sidewalk planting in front of the fieldhouse. Perhaps break down perennials in the spring there. Giving them to neighbors, or transplanting to other parks.Farmers Market Wrap-up
  • It’s done! We had 12 markets planned, extended an extra 4
  • Best day was the closing day, helped by gorgeous weather and Pumpkin Patch crowds
  • Second best day was at the end of August
  • $3,193.77 net total income
  • Nearly full markets after the first month
  • Next year the market will be starting in June and go through October.
  • Gretchen hasn’t asked Tom for concerns/feedback. Thinks he was pretty happy.
  • Using funds to possibly re-seed the lawn? Consensus is that Tom will ask if he needs funds.
  • Thinking about expanding the size of the market; the committee is discussing for next year. Surveying vendors and participants to see what they are interested in. Hanging out with everyone in a small area is nice. Maybe using the area next to the basketball courts next year.
  • Work is starting for next year; permits/paperwork need to be filed now and the search for vendors is on (because farmers want to know now what markets they go to – it affects how they plant).
  • Every vendor from 2014 wants to come back
  • Lots of prepared food people want to come – Peter feels that this would attract more people
  • Music was a great addition
  • HPAC tent didn’t hold up, and we’re returning it!
  • Amy to take Manor Park banner downRavenswood Manor Park
    • – New playground nomination, John O. and Athene Carras

      – Stewardship group: CPD contacted RMIA and said they had been “nominated” for a grant that’s the same grant Jacobs Play lot received. This is for redoing the playground equipment.

      – “Mayor Emmanuel’s Chicago Plays” 500 playlots; 300 need renovation in next 5 years. Friends of the Parks partnered with them to do 50/year of renovation.

      – Playground equip is 14 years old now (it replaced redwood stuff)

      – Mindmixer: non-profit volunteer grassroots org; they may have nominated the park? HPAC apparently doesn’t have a choice in whether this is done; the community does have a choice of 4 companies who do playground renovations.

      – Athene, RMIA president, got the info. They said that the need a decision by Nov 4th. Then, they extended this to Nov. 14th. Tom and HPAC hadn’t heard about this until today. Athene doesn’t want to give up a new playground.

      – Much discussion about how this could possibly be used for other playgrounds HPAC feels are more in need of new equipment.

      – RMIA board meeting is Monday. They’d like some direction from HPAC.

      – Erica: is the life expectancy of this equipment different?

      – Suggestion is to ask Michael Lang (from Capital Planning) to be deferred until the next round for needier areas

      – Erica: “Great program, great idea, not a great need for Ravenswood Manor park right now.”


      – Lights are out, we continue to ask them to be replaced.

      – Ash tree needs to be tended to; Jerome Scott (CPD forester) is going to come out and assess this

      – Broken fence rail on the Manor side

      – John O. put more branches on the grapevine fence

      – Erica asks for the tree to be replaced in the playground


      Jacob Playlot

      – Park expansion work is being bid out to 3 contractors

      – Plan has been reviewed, but council hasn’t seen it. Peter shows HPAC a basic plan. Debate about whether large tree will stay or not (may be in the way of properly grading the park)

      – Would be nice for HPAC to see a more detailed plan and get Nate and Ben’s feedback in this forum


      Sunken Gardens

      – No report


      Buffalo Park

      – No report


      Stewardship Committee

      – Tree planting going on (Ann Rozmin, Manor Garden Club). Saturday, Nov. 15th, looking for volunteers.

      – 19 trees planted this fall, all south of Wilson. RMIA is contributing half of the cost. HPAC has contributed $500 for this. Cost is $100/tree. $50 buy-in from the homeowners. Openlands has free smaller trees. Erica: maybe talk to Ann about matching people with tree places of unresponsive homeowners. Maybe kids use service hours?

      – Athene to ask which trees aren’t sponsored.


      Website Committee

      – Peter to send Amy a list of everyone who needs to be on the Stewardship list and she will update this

      – John O. to talk to Amy and Gretchen about site updates, etc.


      Where to hold the HPAC meeting in December?

      – Advertiser candidates: Monti’s, Golden Crust, Brauhaus, Red Lion, Mrs. Murphy’s, O’Shaunnesy’s, Angelo’s, Lo’s, 3R

      – Winner is Monti’s (rose pork loin sandwich is a recommendation from Athene) – Meet there.


      Meeting adjourned at 8:51pm
      Respectfully submitted: Amy Jahnke

Peter Schlossman, John Friedmann, Kevin Anderson, Amy Jahnke, Lisa Cleveland, Erica Beutler, Gretchen Helmreich, John O’Connell, Carol Maher, Athene Carras




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