November 2009 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

Larry Brown – President, presiding, called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. Kevin Anderson acted as Secretary for this meeting. See roster below for attendance.

Previous Minutes: The minutes of the October 2009 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: John Lyman presented copies of bank statements indicating that the account balances are $8,303.04 in checking and $8,360.48 in savings. There is $971.83 in the PayPal account. Larry Brown would like to see the Paypal funds swept into a bank account. Susie Novak is owed a sum less than $1000, and John O’Connell is owed about $50. A motion for John Lyman to contact TJ Kosmider regarding the position of Treasurer passed unanimously.

Council Business: See below.

Announcements: The Friends of the Park’s Great Rake-Off is coming to Horner Park on November 7th. Northside Prep participated in a recent clean-up blitz in the park as well. Volleyball starts tomorrow.

Concert Committee: No report.

Garden Committee: No report.

Web Site: No report.

Volunteer Committee: No report

Park Briefs:
Horner Park: Now that daylight savings time is over the timer for the tennis lights needs adjusting.

The Horner Park Baseball Association (HPBA): The HPBA has contacted its four main vendors and there are no outstanding debt or past creditor claims. John Lyman recommended they request statements of accounts from all their vendors and board members to document this. Any loans or claims by past board members are also being cleared-up. HPBA will be expanding the details provided in their future Profit & Loss statement. Elections were recently held; Vanessa Hernandez is the new secretary.

The winter baseball clinic is planned for weekend of January 16th, 2010. Tom McManamon will bring a budget to next month’s meeting.

Ravenswood Manor Park: The park received new playlot landscaping chips. Tracks left by the earthmover need to be landscaped. The bulletin board window frame continues to deteriorate. There are lights out in the park as well.

Jacob Park: No report.

Buffalo Park: No report.

Sunken Garden Park: No report.

Other business: Kevin paid HPAC’s state franchise fee so it is back in good standing. John O’Connell has started a dialog to pursue state monument preservation funds as has been done in past years, and solicited details to support the application. Ann Rozmin should get a thank-you letter for her contributions before the year’s end.

Flagpole Project: The plaque was approved by the Park District. For HPAC to arrange for the work rather than having it done by the Park District, a construction permit would be needed, and a liability policy. Larry Brown presented budget number with solid quotes from acceptable vendors. A motion that HPAC agreed to spending the budget of $8700 proposed by Larry Brown for Phase I of the Ceriale memorial flagpole with bench, stone, plaque and minimal landscaping using our hired contractors pending written Chicago Park District approval passed unanimously.

Vegetable Garden: Park District approval for the site adjacent to the Nature Garden is still pending. Another fundraising event is planned for the near future.

New Business: Susan Davis of the US Army Corps of Engineering (USACE) has proposed to meet with available representatives from HPAC next week regarding the status of the riverbank project.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM

The next regular HPAC meeting will be held Monday, December 7th at 7:00 PM at Horner Park.

Respectfully submitted: Kevin Anderson

Roster of those in Attendance: Larry Brown, President; John Lyman, Vice President; Kevin Anderson, Co-Secretary; Peter Schlossman, Co-Secretary; Colleen Galllagher – CPD; Tom McManamon – CPD; Vanessa Hernandez, Susie Novak, John O’Connell, Eilleen Berganos, Allan Mueller, Reid Cleveland, Lisa Cleveland, Verdell Hunter

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