May 2016 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2016

Peter called the HPAC meeting to order at the Horner Park Field House at 7pm.
Previous Minutes:
The minutes of the April 2016 meeting were approved, pending changes.

Treasurer’s Report:
The following funds are in HPAC accounts:

Checking     $36,397.34
Savings       $14,730.44
PayPal            $9,650.30
Total             $60,778.08

All accounts reconcile with Quickbooks.

Farmers Market:
* We are 4 1/2 weeks away! First market is Saturday, June 4, 9am-1pm.
* We welcomed a new committee member, Jacqueline Gaines. We are very excited to have her. We said (a hopefully temporary) farewell to a committee member, Mary Brush. We hope she is able to rejoin the committee in a future season.
* Our committee for 2016 is: Gretchen Helmreich, Jason Sperling, Amy Jahnke, Jennifer Grunstad Woosley, Molly Maier, Jillian Dorrestein, and Jacqueline Gaines.
* It’s going to be an amazing season. In addition to our seasoned veterans (veggies, fruit, flowers, coffee, cheese, meats, chocolates), we have some very exciting additions this year. Our theme has naturally become COME HUNGRY.  Here’s a sampling sneak peak: made-to-order pancakes, tamales and tacos (different vendor from last year), breakfast sandwiches, cold & hot soups, savory and sweet tarts, scones, cupcakes, sweet and savory pies, cookies. Yep – COME HUNGRY!
* Deb Groh let us know about the torn up landscaping and she is working on getting it fixed before the market starts.
* I spoke with some other CPD markets and learned that they do not pay for insurance… because there’s some deal where advisory councils are already covered via CPD? I need to ask Deb about this and what she did/knows about this from Portage Park.
* We are putting out a call for market volunteers. There are 2 short shifts per market. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, we’d love to have you! Contact us via FB or
Dog Friendly Area:
There is a fundraiser on Mon. June 6 5:30-8:30 at Lagunitas Brewing Company. The entrance fee is $25 which will include food.  Also, there will be a calendar this summer and an on-line auction in the fall.

Erica asked if we wanted to participate with Midnight Circus. The effort has grown so Erica is going to try to renegotiate for a greater share of proceeds; for the past two years they have gotten 30% of gross.

Erica is trying to reach out to the park district to get approval for their plans.

Concert Committee:
John says he has raised almost $7000.
Tom Melvin repainted the sign announcing the concerts.

Park Briefs:

Horner Park:
Diane reported that the new sink is fantastic and she is grateful for all the support.

Peter reported that the new play lot equipment will installed in the fall.

Basketball nets have been replaced.

The front lawn was seeded, but then was torn up for plumbing work. The area will be re-seeded and should be in good shape for the Farmers Market. John F. suggested alternating areas for the
Farmers Market to allow newly seeded areas time to mature.

Carol suggested that the dumpsters be enclosed for both safety and beautification.

John F. said that the 65 Ash trees will be treated this summer. This is the largest set of Ash trees in the park district. This effort will cost $6000; John thinks we need to raise $3000. There was general consensus to have an adopt-a-tree effort. Assuming the park district can provide $3000, it would cost $50 to adopt-a-tree.

Peter is going to ask Deb for a more permanent solution to the ground erosion from the garbage trucks at the tennis courts.

Ravenswood Manor Park:
There is an overhanging limb in the native garden. The community would like it removed so allow improved light and water.

4 new trees were requested; John will follow-up.

Jacob Park:
There is graffiti posted on a tree. Peter will let Deb know.

Buffalo Park: No Report

Sunken Gardens: No Report

Website Committee:
The anomalies in the behavior of the website have been resolved. Amy is still exploring the using gmail.

Stewardship Committee:
Earth Day was great. 22-25 people were at Horner. There were plenty of supplies and they were able to get the trees mulched.
At Ravenswood Manor Park, both dirt and mulch was distributed.
Luke was disappointed because he did not get mulch at Sunken.
At Buffalo there were 10 people and much work got done.
Nate organized a clean-up 2 weeks before Earth Day.

There is no River Day at Sunken – it pretty much got cleaned on Earth Day. Because of the restoration, there is no river access at Horner.

Thanks to all the captains and volunteers for a successful Earth Day.

New Business:
May 14 – River Day
July 16- Horner Fest

Kathleen and Julia came to discuss an unmaintained parkway along Wilson. While HPAC cannot help because it is outside the scope of the park, several ideas were given.

Horner Fest will have two bands. John got the Legoland movie for $325. Erica suggested making sure signs pointed outwards because many people thought it was a private party last year.

On-The-Table is promoting an event on May 10 to discuss community efforts.  Peter is asking if people would like to attend. Peter is going to select a place and send email asking for interest.

Alan reported that the police district will have an Outdoor Roll Call on Friday May 6 at Montrose and California.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa Cleveland Co-Secretary

Peter Schlossman – President, John Friedmann – Vice-President, Kevin Anderson – Treasurer, Amy Jahnke – Co-Secretary, Lisa Cleveland – Co-Secretary, Deborah Groh – Park Supervisor,  Erica
Beutler – Chair, DFA, John O’Connell – Concert Committee, Carol Maher, Alan Mueller – RMIA Representative, Diane Sutliff – Artist, Kathleer Trainor – Wilson Bridge Mosaic, Julia Smith – Wilson Bridge Mosaic, Carol Tarnoff – Artist

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