May 2002 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

Anne Rozmin, as president, called the meeting to order at 7:37 p.m. Larry Brown acted as secretary for this meeting.

April Minutes: Alan Mueller moved to accept the April minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Elaine Taylor and was passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Elaine Taylor as Treasurer, delivered the Treasurer’s report. The balances are as follows:

  • Checking Account: 2,558.44
  • Savings Account: 1,918.86
  • Buffalo Park Mon. CD’s 2,190.66
  • Totals $ 6,667.96

Announcements: The Chicago Park District’s (CPD) publication @Play was distributed to those in attendance. There was an article in the Chicago Tribune’s April 16, 2002, Metro Section, that mentioned Horner Park as an important part of a study on migratory bird patterns. There will be a Spring Concert, featuring student recitals and a performance by the Horner Park Jazz Band on May 31, 2002. The CPD Craft Mobile will once again be returning to Manor Park this summer. The Craft Mobile will be at the park every Monday from June 24th through Aug. 10th. From 10:00am-11:30am. The Friends of the Chicago River’s, “River Rescue Day”, will be May 11th. Laurene von Klan, representing the Friends of the Chicago River (FOCR) informed HPAC that she was unable to staff volunteers to plant a proposed garden near the river. This river garden project has been postponed until Friends of the Chicago River can arrange a volunteer group.

Garden Committee: No Report

Concert Committee: John O’Connell as Chairperson presented. Manor Garden Club has committed a minimum of $ 250.00 for a half sponsorship for the July 14th concert. This commitment will be reevaluated after a review of the club’s Garden Sale proceeds. Treasurer Elaine Taylor requested a list of names and corresponding bands, for each of the performances, so she can make out the checks in advance. Larry Brown will provide this for her before the first concert. John O’Connell reported receipts , thus far, of over $ 3,700.00. These checks were delivered to Treasurer Elaine Taylor. A final push for advertisers and sponsors will take place in May.

Park Briefs: Terry Sweeney, Horner Park Supervisor, and Dale Marie Grandys, Area Supervisor were in attendance representing the Horner Park Staff and CPD respectively.

Horner Park: Ann Rozmin has been informed by Mary Van Haaften, a Natural Areas Manager for the CPD, that the description labels for the plants in the Wildlife Garden will be installed in coming weeks. Also several of the plants have perished and will be replaced. Dale Marie Grandys assured the council that she is in close touch on these issues. The plant list for this garden is inconsistent with the actual plants planted and thus will not be mounted for viewing in the field house. A discussion on a replacement of a Crabapple tree to be planted near the Henry Horner Monument was tabled for a later date. A replacement Linden tree will be planted near the monument by Green Deeds this spring. The bench that was removed near the monument is currently being restored and will be replaced when fixed.

Ravenswood Manor Park: Banners announcing the new Wildlife Garden, The Summer Concert Series, as well as the Craft Mobile will be installed on the fences around the park. Grading of the Manor Ave. parkway was promised by the CPD. A motion to limit the date to May 11th for the installation of the new lawn by the Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association (RMIA) was made by Anne Rozmin, this was seconded by Larry Brown and all in attendance approved. Larry Brown will contact the RMIA to inform them. It was agreed to have Jon Melhuse also paint the weathered bulletin board when he stains the Pergola. As the board has seen better days, Terry Sweeney will provide the council with a catalog to pick out a replacement. The RMIA will be asked at their next meeting to contribute $ 200.00 of the $ 700.00 cost to stain the Pergola. The Manor Garden Club will be unable to assist financially in this project. Garbage cans are to be placed by the CPD at either end of the play ground area sidewalk near the fences. Anne Rozmin initiate a discussion regarding installation of a permanent fence to keep the Wildlife Garden from being trampled. Concerns were raised. Larry Brown reminded the council that this was not part of the original plan and that keeping children out of the garden had previously been discussed. Jake Peters suggested a low fence. Dale Marie Grandys noted that any fence would need CPD approval. The Green Deeds’ Spruce tree along the Manor side of the playground has perished. Anne Rozmin will contact Green Deeds for a replacement. A special thanks to all who came out for the Earth Day clean up.

Buffalo Park: Seven(7) tables and eight(8) chairs will be needed for the Manor Garden Club Plant Sale. . This year the Ravenswood Gardens Homeowners Association will also need two(2) tables and four(4) chairs for their bake sale, also in the park. Larry Brown will make sure they are set up early on May 18th. Drawings of the proposed Council Ring were presented to Dale Marie Grandys of the CPD. Dale is to find out if the CPD’s Monuments Committee will need to approve this plan. Dale will also investigate, for the council, if the CPD could provide a budgetary plan and handle installation of the Council Ring. Terry Sweeney will ask if the Horner Park art classes would like to submit line drawings of a buffalo, that would be the basis for the artwork to be etched on the stone benches.

Horner Park Riverbank Initiative: No Report

Adjournment: Anne Rozmin thanked all those in attendance and the meeting was adjourned at 8:46 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Larry Brown

Roster of those in attendance: Anne Rozmin, President; John O’Connell; Nic Acciari, Vice President; Susie Novak; Jerry Giese, Co-Secretary (off duty); Alan Mueller; Larry Brown, Co-Secretary (on duty); Laurene von Klan, FOCR; Elaine Taylor, Treasurer; Jake Peters; Terry Sweeney, Horner Park Supervisor; Jamie Clarke; Dale Marie Grandys, Area Supervisor, CPD.

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