Horner Park Advisory Council Minutes
March 6, 2017


  • Peter Schlossman, President
  • Diane Sutliff, Co-Secretary
  • Lisa Cleveland, Treasurer
  • Deb Groh, Horner Park Supervisor
  • Alan Mueller, RMIA
  • John O’Connell
  • Carol Maher
  • Kevin Anderson
  • John Friedmann

Minutes from the February meeting were approved with minor changes.

Treasurer’s Report – Kevin Anderson for Lisa Cleveland

  • MB checking $8,848.73
  • MB savings $44,737.96
  • PayPal $13,954.92
  • Total $67,541.61

All online accounts reconcile with QuickBooks.

Board members coordinated to meet at bank and update signatures on record.

Expenditure of $417 was approved for annual insurance for directors and officers, and liability coverage for the organization.

Concert Committee – John O’Connell

Volunteers stuffed envelopes for the annual mailing for fundraising for the Concert series. Members will be given flyers and assigned a couple of blocks to distribute door-to-door. Permit application and CPS partnership proposal is in the works. Text was presented for website, Facebook and email blast, which will include a call for volunteers. A request will be made for banners and porta-johns through CPD.

HornerFest Committee – John Friedmann

The Fest is scheduled for July 14 and 15, 2017. The movie on Saturday night this year will be Toy Story. The band will start a little earlier and be set up in the back of the field house as before. Riverfront tours will be in the morning. Theater Hikes will be performing again this year as well. Beer sales seem promising and John F. continues to explore how to make this a part of of the Fest based on input from other successful CPD advisory council events featuring alcohol. The plan is to have beer tasting on Friday night, with the funds raised to be used to make Horner an ash tree sanctuary. For example, Independence Park spent $2500 out of pocket raised $15,000. T shirt sales were also successful for Independence Park. A tent will be on call in case of rain, and the beer will be served in the fenced in tennis courts. Consideration being given to having beer on Saturday as well. A band is under consideration for Friday night as well. Environmental groups will be asked to help sponsor. Food trucks will be on hand on Friday. Substantial volunteers will be needed to staff the fest. John F. will have a more solid budget by the April meeting. Permits applications for the Friday component will wait until the Friday night plans are more firm. Outreach to breweries will begin. Friday’s beer tasting will be a four hour event. Perhaps Saturday will be added as a pay per beer. It was approved that HPAC move forward on the plans for the Friday beer-tasting, contingent of a final budget plan.

Dog Friendly Area – Peter Schlossman

Peter, Erica, Deb Mell and Jeff Sobczyk (Mell’s office) met with CPD on Monday, Feb 27 to review the concept plan to explore how much latitude there is for the design as originally presented. CPD appeared open to most of the suggestions HPAC offered. Dog turf and wood chips were considered for surface. Rectangular shapes were changed to curvilinear shapes. Chain link could be swapped out for Ameristar fencing. Cristy Webber will send a revised concept and budget for approval by HPAC that will then be forwarded to CPD.

Farmer’s Market – no report

Yoga in the Park – Carol Maher Carol reports Hanna Morfogen, the yoga instructor from McFetridge has expressed interest in providing yoga instruction on Saturdays in the summer. There might be some paperwork involved for permitting. Promotion is another task for the committee to make the program more visible to the community. A planning meeting is scheduled in the near future.

Stewardship Committee – John O’Connell

Meeting is planned for March 14 at a committee member’s home. The new dog-walking neighbors contingent are to be a part of park cleanup efforts for Earth Day and an ongoing efforts throughout the year. On Earth Day on April 22, John has five captains, one for each park. Friends of the River has River Day scheduled for May 13, which applies to Jacob and Sunken Garden. Plans for that will be revisited the next HPAC meeting.

Website Committee – no report.

Park Briefs – Deb Groh

Horner Park
Valentine’s Day Party 230 had attendees. Carol took photographs-to-go for families. Cookies and lemonade were donated by our Pilates partner, Jennifer Thornton.

Riverfront restoration – Peter has continued to try to contact the contractor on the restoration project, but contact has been difficult. John F. is investigating the status of the really big tree that has come down on the riverfront path near Irving Park Road. There is still a question about the installation of 10 really big trees that were to be included. Communication gaps have developed as a result of the change of the project manager.

Bike Path – Questions remain about the plans and schedule of the Irving underpass and the north spur of the path that leads to Montrose.

Deb will re-investigate how to get wifi at the field house. There is a demand, especially in light of regular CPD training meetings held at Horner.

Stacey Anti, Area Manager has confirmed that there is funding for a feasibility for updated HVAC at the field house.

Lunch with the Bunny is scheduled for Saturday, April 15 from 11am to 1pm. It was requested that is be put on the HPAC website. Deb is making 200 tickets available for lunch this year. If pizza donations are not forthcoming, Deb asked HPAC to contribute to help cover food and drink. Cost is $10 per person, which includes lunch, treats and a goodie bag. $150 was approved for the purchase of stuffed bunnies and an additional $300 for other non-food treats. Most foods are expected to be donated.

The Dog Easter Egg Hunt is also on 4/15 from 1 -3pm

Ravenswood Manor Park – Peter asked Mike Brown of CPD for new trees. Alan reports that RMIA is planning some trees near the park as well on the parkways. Deb has assurances that the missing benches will be replaced this year.

Jacob – no report

Sunken Garden– no report

Buffalo Park– no report

New Business
PAC Conference Report – Peter attended and went to seminars on creating strategic partnerships and asset mapping.

Concerning the Ecuadorian Parade and Carnival at HP West, HPWest neighborhood group was not interested in having the carnival at Horner Park, with the attendant crowds and parking issues during a heavy use summer weekend. Ward will look at Roosevelt for them as another option.

Adjourn at 9:05pm.

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