March 2015 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council


March 2 2015

The HPAC meeting was called to order at the Horner Park Fieldhouse at 7:10pm.

Previous Minutes:
The minutes of the February 2015 meetings were approved, pending changes.

Treasurer’s Report: 
The following funds are in HPAC accounts:

Checking  $22,419.69
Savings  $14,724.93
PayPal   $5,489.21
Total   $42,633.83

QuickBooks has not been reconciled with these accounts.
Kevin is still working on classifying the balances with specific projects.

There is a new address for our MB contact. Insurance for officers is now due. The fee is $450.  A motion was made to approve payment of this bill and was passed unanimously.

Dog Friendly Area Committee:
A neighbor, Claire Haasl, organized a Chili cook-off at the Red Lion, on behalf of the DFA. $445 dollars were raised. The contestants paid $15 and the voters paid $5. Rep. Quigley attended and expressed interest in the DFA and offered to make some phone calls. He also donated $1000. The Red Lion offered to host future events.

Videographers Lindsay Hugh and Rica Fils of Empyre Strikes Back have offered to put together a video for the DFA. Lynn reported that she has also been talking about a video with Gregg Jaffe, who runs Big Teeth Productions.

The DFA committee has raised over $40,000 to date.

Midnight Circus is lining up parks for next year. Based on discussion, Horner Park is very active and therefore is not a viable candidate to host it here. We can work with them in a partnership, as we did last year, if their terms continue to be favorable.

Concert Committee:
All the concerts are planned. Fundraising will begin in early March. John O. needs help stuffing envelopes on Sunday, March 22.

Amy distributed samples of the new letterhead and tri-fold brochure; all attendees considered the samples to be excellent. Amy asked for additional input.
Movie night is June 20th; the movie is still being decided.

Farmer’s Market:
The Farmer’s Market Committee is accepting applications.

Gretchen asked for clarification from Tom regarding a statement from the park district that puts a value on the Farmer’s Market of $76,000. Tom explained that the Park District must generate a report specifying their contribution as a partner to the Farmer’s Market.

Park Briefs:

Horner Park:
Neighbors have expressed appreciation that the green screen is no longer on the fence.
Tom has a work order in for iron workers for the garden fence.

The doggie Egg hunt is Saturday, April 4. Tom is requesting $100 for the event. A motion was made and approved unanimously. There were 70 dogs last year. As they did last year, the DFA will take pictures.

Ravenswood Manor Park: 
Tom has a meeting with people from downtown on Wednesday. This is a pre-construction meeting to discuss when it will be broken down, when fences go up, duration, etc.

Carol said the lights still need to be fixed. It is not the bulbs. Peter said the fence is still broken. Tom has work orders in for these repairs.

Carol asked to be kept informed of the schedule. Tom said that he would send all information he has to Peter.

Jacob Park:
Tom sent email about doing the grading to accommodate use as sledding hill. The Park District said they would consider it, if it could be done safely.

Peter brought an application for a $10,000 grant for Open Land improvements. There was discussion about whether it could be used for river access.  MWRD would need to approve the work.

Buffalo Park:
Tom has not heard about the proposed trees.

Sunken Gardens:
River Day is May 9, Luke is the captain.

Website Committee: No Report

Stewardship Committee: No Report

New Business:
HPAC has been nominated for Park of the Year. It will be awarded on March 28. Peter will fill out the application; it is due March 10.
Doggie Egg Hunt – April 4
First Concert: June 12
River Day – May 9
Farmer’s Market Opening – June 6

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa Cleveland Co-Secretary

Peter Schlossman – President , Amy Jahnke – Co-Secretary, Lisa Cleveland – Co-Secretary,  Tom McManamon – Park Supervisor, Gretchen Helmreich – Chair, Farmer’s Market, Erica Beutler – Chair, DFA, Lynn Sheck – DFA, Carol Maher – Neighbor

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