March 2011 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

President Peter Schlossman called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM, the meeting was held in a second floor meeting room of the Horner Park field house. A quorum was determined to be present.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the 2/7/11 meeting were unanimously approved, with no comments and changes.

Report of the Treasurer

Total funds = Chase checking $5,347.60, savings $5,125.11, Paypal $3,826.90. MB checking 1000.00. All accounts are consistent with Quickbooks records and bank statements. Report of the treasurer was unanimously approved.

Ceriale Memorial Project

Date for dedication discussed with decision for May 14. National Fallen Officers Day is May 15. Time of day to be determined. Kim Shepard will plan post-gathering event location and details. Invitation list to be developed.


Revised bylaws approved unanimously, John Lyman abstention. Improved format, clarified definition of “member,” restatement of officer duties and responsibilities. Approved revision is in compliance with CPD guidelines. Bylaws continue to be subject to change and approval as needed.

Riverbank Study

Letter sent to Nicole Roach on February 28, 2011 addressing concerns that the ACE activities not be undertaken in a manner that would interfere with existing plans for park usage. Reported that Bob Foster, CPD capital improvement executive, will meet with ACE in June. Contact made to 33rd Ward and Senator Cullerton, awaiting a response.

Insurance Issues

Approval of a West Bend competitive bid (three bids received and evaluated) for Directors & Officers coverage and general liability coverage at a cost of $800.00 per year. Larry Brown voted in opposition. Unanimous discussion that purchase of insurance should not be considered as any change in the understanding that HPAC events are undertaken with the support and approval of CPD and for the sole benefit of CPD, with no change in CPD liability.

Concert Committee

Letters (400) ready for distribution to previous subscribers and sponsors, as well as prospects. Door-to-door delivery of flyers begun. Discussion of dates, with opening date June 12. CPD will provide printing and portapotties. Discussion of contracts.

Dog Owner Issues

Kate and Andy Perkins addressed HPAC. A location for a dog facility discussed, with a preliminary general consensus that adjacent to Irving Park may be preferable. CPD has a dog issues expert, and contact information will be provided to the Perkins’. It was also suggested that they visit a state-of-the art facility located at Adams and Sangamon. Recognition that dog owners are an important constituency for Horner Park. Tom McManamon gave a history and overview of dog owner issues and stressed that the primary CPD issue concerning dogs is safety, especially child safety.

Tom advised that Doggie Egg Day will be April 16, providing an opportunity for input on dog owner issues.

Garden Committee

Green corps application submitted and pending.

Website committee

Need to update data and keep current.

Friends of the Parks

John O’Connell reported that there will be a Friends of the Parks event on Saturday, March 19 at South Shore Country Club. Maryann Smith and Tim King will be present. Unanimous approval to renew FOTP membership.

Park Briefs


Cheryl Williamson will be retiring on June 30. HPAC unanimously wishes her well for her contribution to Horner Park and recognizes that she will be missed.

Earth Day will be on April 16, John O’Connell seeking park captains to work on the Horner parks doing litter clean-up and mulching.

Winter classes ending with spring classes beginning on March 28, steady and strong registration for spring classes.

Major regional tumbling meet will take place on March 19-21.

Regional basketball meet hosted.

Pottery and woodworking classes well attended, including participation from the home schooling community.

Field house project updated. Elevator pit awaiting insurance enhancement. Final completion is uncertain. Space will be available for HPAC storage.

Recycle bin to be removed.

Discussion of bike rack.

Adult volleyball league a great success. The HPAC team also successful.

Park clean-up scheduled for May 14.

Manor Park
Tree at southwest corner, along Francisco Ave., removed, unanimous recommendation to plant a replacement tree. Discussion of bulletin board damage, graffiti and light replacement.

No additional update or report on Buffalo Park, Jacobs play lot or Sunken Gardens.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Attendance Roster:

Peter Schlossman, President; Larry Brown, Vice President; Kevin Anderson –Treasurer; Lisa Cleveland, Co Secretary ; John Bernbom, Co-Secretary; John Lyman; John O’Connell; Andrew Perkins; Kate Perkins; Jacob E. Peters; Tom McManamon – CPD.

Respectfully submitted: John Bernbom, Co-Secretary

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