March 2010 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

Larry Brown – President, presiding, called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. Kevin Anderson acted as Secretary for this meeting. See roster below for attendance.

Previous Minutes: The minutes of the February 2010 meeting were approved with comments noted.

Treasurer’s Report: The following funds are in HPAC accounts: Checking: $7,793.39, Savings: $8,361.81; total: $16,155.20. It was not confirmed whether they balance with the Quickbooks records. Susie Novak needs a 1099 form for her 2009 work. There are also pending deposits and payments to be made. The treasurer records will be handed over to Kevin, and TJ will be removed as signatory.

Council Business: See below.

Announcements: Doggie Easter Egg Hunt is March 27th from 10:00 to noon. Earth Day is April 17th, and River Day is May 8th. Horner Park will host the North Region tumbling event on March 23-24. Friends of the Parks is hosting a networking conference for advisory councils on March 27th.

Concert Committee: Susan Baushke of Marketing Sonar presented her proposal to assist in marketing this year’s concert series. The flyers are done and volunteers sought to pick specific blocks where they will deliver them. Julia and Alan are working on producing the August 15th date. Horner Park’s preferred movie date was given to other parks, which resulted having to reschedule the concert calendar. Ideas for promoting HPAC at concerts where offered, such as displaying the river model and having an open house for the ceramics and woodworking programs. Tom McManamon also suggested the possibility of doing future movies in the gym. HPAC asked Tom McManamon if it would be possible for the Chicago Park District (CPD) to provide a sign for the Horner Park stage; he would look into it.

Garden Committee: Tom McManamon will contact Bogdan about cutting the grasses in front of the fieldhouse.

Web Site: No report.

Volunteer Committee: No report.

Park Briefs:

Horner Park: A meeting regarding the riverbank project was held on Feb. 4 with Lynora Dobry, Inter-Agency Liaison for Rep. Quigley’s office. The next step would be to conduct a study by the US Army Corps of Engineers, which would be funded through a congressional appropriations bill. The involvement of more community groups is sought. The Irving Park Rd. underbridge connector was also part of the discussions.

Sign-ups for spring programs were the best ever, and all on-line slots were filled. This was attributed to an article in the Chicago Tribune mentioning Horner Park’s programs.

The Baseball Clinic was a success and had an attendance of 122 kids. Two of the five scheduled clinics were cancelled, but the T-ball clinic was especially successful. A total profit of $1,055 was made. Larry Brown thanked Tom McManamon for holding a successful clinic. Tom thanked Larry, John Lyman and HPAC for their support. Thank you letters to the donors, sponsors and scouts will be sent.

Tom McManamon requested funds from HPAC for dog treats for the Doggie Easter Egg Hunt. A motion to approve up to $100 for dog treats was made, seconded and approved.

The group discussed and agreed that having a banner to display at future events that HPAC supports would be worthwhile.

The Valentine’s Dance was a big success and Tom McManamon is proud of the job Mike Maki did on the dance, and says all the Horner Park staff are stepping up to make-up for being left short-handed by the recent budget cuts. The fees for Day Camp are going up to $331 this year but scholarships and payment plans may be made available. Tom McManamon said the next big project he expects is new bleachers. He described how other parks are hosting Midnight Circus performances as fundraising events. Larry Brown suggested HPAC look into this for September.

The CPD is still assessing sites for elevators, so it is not certain if Horner Park will get one. Alan noted that some seniors were unable to attend the RMIA event in the basement because it lacked elevator access.

Ravenswood Manor Park: The plastic in the kiosk window has been fixed but has not yet been made openable.

Jacob Park: No report.

Buffalo Park: No report.

Sunken Garden Park: No report.
Other business: An email was received from Tim King at CPD acknowledging receipt of Larry Brown’s letter of Feb 17th regarding liability and insurance with respect to HPAC’s activities.

There were no updates from either the 33rd or 47th ward.

Flagpole Project: Reid has completed the thank-you letters for the donations collected at the golf outing and through his troop, and for the anonymous $1000 donor. Rep. Quigley has been thanked for the donated flag. Larry Brown has learned that the permit did not go through when it had been thought that it had. He is pursuing this later this week. He has also talked with Mr. Finkler, Reid’s troop leader, to confirm that he is on track to complete the project within required timeframe. A contingent from Reid’s troop is expected to volunteer on the Earth Day and for the Doggie Egg Hunt.

Vegetable Garden committee: The vegetable garden committee had a meeting with Colleen Gallagher and Tom McManamon regarding the project’s approval status. It was learned that Colleen had been withholding her approval of the location, and she apologized for any misunderstanding about the process. Her objections to the location included: too high-traffic an area, attracting wildlife pests, pilferage of crops by homeless people, and possible future neglect or disrepair. She was open to other possible locations in Horner Park, and encouraged us to consider Clark Park or Ronan Park.

New Business: HPAC requests that CPD provide a statement regarding the legal liability of advisory councils with respect to events and projects undertaken in the parks. John Bernbom will draft a letter of inquiry for Larry Brown to send to CPD regarding this question and the status of bylaws revisions that were initiated last year by CPD.

The meeting adjourned at 9:31 PM

The next regular HPAC meeting will be held Monday, April 5 at 7:00 PM at Horner Park.

Respectfully submitted: Kevin Anderson

Roster of those in Attendance:

Larry Brown, President; John Lyman – Vice President; TJ Kosmider – Treasurer; Kevin Anderson – Co Secretary; Tom McManamon – CPD; John O’Connell, Susan Baushke, John Bernbom, Allan Mueller, Reid Cleveland, Bill Cleveland, Susie Novak, Julia Adams, Michael Holm

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