March 2009 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

John Lyman, as Vice-President, presiding, called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. Peter Schlossman acted as Secretary for this meeting. See roster below for attendance.

Previous Minutes: The minutes of the February 2009 meeting were approved with revisions.

Treasurer’s Report: T.J. Kosmider reported that the account balances are $10,266.22 in checking and $7,443.47 in savings. HPAC books reconcile with the the Chase account books. A profit and loss statement for the baseball clinic was distributed, but it is not final. The baseball clinic is expected to net over $1,000 profit. A 1096 form was filed with the IRS.

Council Business:

Announcements: Youth Sports Fest to be held March 28. Doggie Easter Egg Hunt to be held April 4. All dates for the HPAC music events are confirmed.

Concert Committee: Solicitation letters are being printed and will be sent next week. Dates for the concerts are June 7, 19, 21 in Ravenswood Manor Park, July 10, 18, 24 in Horner Park, Aug. 2, 16, 23 in Ravenswood Manor Park. Contracts are in progress and ads for the program book are being sought. A Mail Chimp account was set up for sending email announcements to the HPAC database. The cost is $12.75 / month and falls within the concert committee budget. The Ravenswood Gardens Homeowners Association inquired whether a concert could be held in Sunken Garden Park.

Garden Committee: Susie Novak hasn’t heard about the gardening position to date, and doesn’t expect to get notice on the position for a couple weeks. All her paperwork is filed with CPD. Susie is gathering plant material and seeds. Some material from the Openlands grant is still unused, those funds should be expended. HPAC inquired about the timing of moving the planter into the green space in Ravenswood Manor Park. No date was given.

Web Site: Refer to above for information on using MailChimp as an email distribution tool.

Volunteer Committee: Earth Day is April 18 from 9 – noon. Kevin Anderson agreed to captain the cleanup at Sunken Gardens. Peter Schlossman will be out of town. River Cleanup Day is May 9.

Park Briefs:

Horner Park: Horner Park Baseball Association has about 300 players registered and paid for the upcoming season. Registration for all levels except high school closes March 22. A fundraising event will be held March 19 from 6-9PM at Laso’s Tacos. More fundraising events are being planned. Patrick Cassidy resigned as treasurer over an apparent discrepancy in accounting. The error was discovered and there were no concerns about financial irregularities. Colleen Gallagher stated that HPBA has been responsive, and she is taking an interest in helping HPBA to solve their current problems. Colleen stated that CPD mandated that HPBA succeed. HPBA reported that they are roughly $49,000 in debt. Approximately 2/3 of that is owed to a candy vendor. HPBA is negotiating a pay down of their debt to the candy vendor. Baseball clinics will be held for coaches on March 14 & 21 at Von Stueben. The HPBA baseball season starts May 16 for all except 13 and older who begin May 25. HPAC expressed appreciation to Colleen for recognizing the letter written to Tim King at CPD regarding HPBA’s recent issues.

Neighborhood Parent’s Network event and indoor rowing events held at Horner Park recently were a success. The rowing event is getting too big for the fieldhouse. The Valentine’s Dance was the biggest ever held.

All classes for the upcoming sessions are filled.

HPAC inquired about the condition of the baseball fields, and requested added fill material and mending of the outfield grass which is dangerous in some areas.

Forms for rental of the picnic groves will be available next month.

Ravenswood Manor Park: No report.

Jacob Park: Acquisition of the CTA property is still being considered..

Buffalo Park: John O’Connell to call Chris Gent at CPD regarding the design of the stones and walkways.

Sunken Garden Park: Capital improvements to the park were discussed with Ravenswood Gardens Homeowners Association.

Other business: Tom McManomon to give HPAC the CPD guidelines for identity signage to be placed in various parks.

Reid Cleveland drafted a letter to Tom McManamon with a proposed budget for a flagpole and benches. Peter Schlossman presented preliminary plans for the space south of the little fieldhouse. John Lyman and HPAC expressed appreciation for Reid’s efforts on the project.

New Business: A vegetable garden project is being considered for the east side of Horner Park near the Berteau outfall. Wi fi access to the second floor multipurpose room was discussed by Kevin Anderson.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

The next regular HPAC meeting will be held Monday, April 6 at 7:00 PM at Horner Park.

Respectfully submitted: Peter Schlossman

Roster of those in Attendance: John Lyman, Vice President; Larry Brown, President; T.J. Kosmider – Treasurer; Peter Schlossman, Co-Secretary; Kevin Anderson, Co-Secretary; Colleen Gallagher, Tom McManamon – CPD; Francisco Perez, Verdell Hunter, Eilleen Berganos, Luis Gonzalez – HPBA; Victor Vivar, Daniel Santisteven, John O’Connell, Alan Mueller, Susie Novak, Reid Cleveland.

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