June 2014 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council


June 2, 2014

Peter Schlossman – President, presiding, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Ali Avgeris acted as Secretary for this meeting. See roster below for attendance.

Approval of the Minutes
No minutes to approve.

Treasurer’s Report
MB Checking: $12,818.51
MB Savings:  $14, 873.58
Pay Pal: $3,816.32
TOTAL:  $31,508.41
Outstanding Checks: To be left at Horner and Kevin will pick up by next week.

Concert Committee
Program is ready to go to the printer.
Poster is posted downstairs and will be distributed to advertisers later this week.
Goal is to go out by Wednesday night.
Close to 80 ads this year.
70 households subscribed.
1st night is June 13th.
14 different days, including 6 Friday night shows.

Centennial Bash:
Saturday June 28th Centennial Bash:  Buffalo Park:  Event starts at 12p.
Need volunteers.
Street closing signs to be put up by committee.
Bike Ambassador:
Girl Scouts can help w/ the Bike Ambassador.  Map not finalized, suggest in front of the businesses.
Theater Hikes

Midnight Circus partnership w/ WPAC
October 17th, 18th and 19th.
Devote 6 volunteers for each show.
Partnership agreement received.
Allocation of Tom’s time to be deleted
Ad sales:  Request for an ad split on the existing ads, vs. just new ads.
HPAC is committing – funding to be named.
“Dog Park, Concert Series, Amenities for Horner Park” naming approved.
Offer is less that original approach.
30% cut of receipts and concessions
100% of ad sales
Est. 6k for Horner Park plus (new) ad sales
Additional 10% from Gross Park, if Gross steps out, to request 40%

Park Briefs

Horner Park
Day Camp:  90% filled, 200 kids
Starts June 23rd
Team Leadership:  Filled, 20 kids
Extended Camp:  Filled, 25 kids
Arts & Crafts:  Filled, 4 camps, 12/camp
Wood Craft:  All but 1 filled, 90%, 12/camp
Basketball Camp:  2 filled, 15/camp
Tennis Camp:  90% filled
Music:  40% filled
Ravinia – paying for buses and receiving comp tickets
Avon Breast Cancer was a success.  1900 walkers, 300-400 volunteers
Classes end this week. Having a party for preschool on Thurs and Fri (bounce houses, etc.)
Heating units replaced; everything was replaced.
Trying to replace the floor, suffered damage from maintenance work.
Wed/Thurs/Fri:  Poly urethane applied
Work Out Room:  No progress to report
Farmers Market:
Vendors secured:  9 committed
Start Date:  July 12th is the first market
Permitting:  Working w/ Alderman to secure proper permits
Banners:  HPAC should complete
Insurance:  Gretchen trying to submit payment; need in hands by June 28th.
Tent:  To be purchased
Marketing:  Ensure your neighbors know it’s happening.
Grand Tour to see if they can work w/ PR company for additional exposure
Tennis Court:  Looking to have resurfaced
Trees: Potential to have trees donated, Tom to follow up w/ Bob. John to review 3 parkways and make a recommendation
Riverfront Restoration Progress:
Flowing Water:  Natural solutions were discussed and generally agreed to
Steepness of Steps:  Concerns noted
Under Bridge Connector:  2 years out
Debris:  Noted
Port-O-Lous:  Looking to lock for community safety. Also looking to lock to fence, as it’s freestanding
McFetridge:  Thinking to put a dance studio, yoga, Pilates, etc.
California Pool:  Tom to run.
Opens June 13th.

Buffalo Park: No report

Ravenswood Manor Park: No report

Jacob Play lot
Park Expansion Concept
Unofficial updates:
Parking:  Will not be touched
Plans:  Working on new plans, AstroTurf not currently slated
Fencing:  On the river side
Pole:  Submitted request to remove
River Clean Up:  Good turnout

Sunken Garden: No report

Dog Friendly Area
Progress Report
Completed grants for Lowe’s and Bank of America
“Bark”: Requesting additional support
Chicago Park District:  Looking to meet for design concepts
Manor Bash:  Dog rescue event –  concert series fliers and additional fliers can be distributed
Park Concern:  Would the space change based on the fence?  Nothing seen thus far.

New Business
Grand Tour Offer – 5% profit sharing for consumers which mention Horner Park (pre tax, tip, etc.)
Can be word of mouth, business cards, etc.  – TBD
Monthly pay out to HPAC
HPAC – 501c3
Marketing opportunities flexible
GT recommendations include: fliers, social media, website, newsletters, posters, on site staff handouts, progress creative (I.e. Thermometer), etc.
Fund would need to be dedicate to a specific resource (I.e. Balance beam)
HPAC recommends a kick-off event to introduce program to the neighborhood
Next Steps:
HPAC: Discuss and vote on offer and potential resource to allocate funds to
MPAC Meeting = Wednesday the 4th 7pm – 8p

Nominating Committee
Scheduled in June.

Stewardship Committee
John to follow up
Thank you to all the volunteers for River Day May 10th!!! (Sunken Garden and Jacob).

Website Committee
Gretchen and Amy are now committee.

Garden Committee: No Report

Movie In the Park:  August 31st.  Wizard of Oz
Motion to Adjourn:  8:48p

Respectfully submitted: Ali Avgeris, acting secretary

Peter Schlossman, President; Tom McManamon – CPD; Ali Avgeris – acting as secretary, John O’Connell, Nate Hutchenson, Larry Hodack, Gretchen Helmreich, Amy Jahnke, John Friedmann, Erica Beutler, Lynn Sheck.

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