June 2012 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm by President Peter Schlossman. The meeting was at the Horner Park Field House and a quorum was determined to be present.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the May 2012 meeting were approved, with changes.

Treasurer’s Report

MB checking 9,948.00
MB savings 2,125.50
Chase savings 10,329.53
Paypal 398.58
Total 22,801.61

The Quickbooks accounts have not been reconciled with the records and bank

Dog Area

No Report


The website needs revision, including the addition of the new logo.

Rachael Brown, a Whitney Young student, has volunteered to work on the website this summer to meet the volunteer requirements of her school. She gave a nice presentation of her skills and capabilities and delineated her areas of interest. These areas are updating the website, Mailchimp, and expanding HPAC web presence through such venues as Facebook and Twitter.

HPAC is grateful for her assistance in these much needed and valued endeavors.

Concert Committee

The final copy of the poster is ready and the program is nearly completed. Gina did a nice job keeping up with all of the changes. Signs for the fence may have to be reused from previous years. John O’Connell and Tom will look for old signs and determine if the dates can be removed. Port-a-potties are arranged. Revenue is expected to be about $9,000 with costs about $8,500. All contracts have been signed.

The first concert is June 15. There are 6 Friday performances. The performances of As You Like It are Saturday, June 30 at 5pm and Sunday July 1 at 5pm.

Garden Committee

Ann Rozmin purchased 200 plants for planters at Buffalo Park; John O’Connell is still waiting for receipts.

At Ravenswood Park, the diamond planter needs work.

There wasn’t enough mulch at Sunken Gardens on Earth Day and they still need more. Tom said that all the mulch has been distributed and there is no additional budget. Kevin and John O’Connell will check other sources, such as conservation parks and private companies.

The water issue at Ravenswood, Sunken Gardens, and Jacob has been resolved. We received permits for hydrant access. Nate Hutchinson will pick up the caps and keys.

Luke will take care of the tools at Sunken Gardens.

River Day Cleanup

On Saturday, May 12, River Clean ups were held at Horner, Jacob and Sunken Gardens. John O’Connell and Kevin worked at Horner Park. Theresa ran a clinic on buckthorn and much vegetation was removed. Theresa also spread seeds. Ben Ranney was captain at Jacob and Luke Ross was captain at Sunken Gardens.

Peter thanked Friends of the River volunteers on behalf of HPAC.

Jacob Playlot

No bids were received by the CTA. Nate and Ben are talking to the alderman about raising money for purchase. The area in questions is not in a TIF boundary. Forest Claypool can’t take it off the market because he has to demonstrate that he is overseeing assets in a competitive way.

Ravenswood Manor Park

As noted in the May 7, 2012 meeting minutes, Theresa wrote a pruning assessment. Attachment 1 is a reply to that assessment from Jerome Scott, the District Forester for CPD. No additional correspondence on the issue is planned.

Buffalo Park

The Buffalo Box has been looked at by the city and we are now awaiting repairs. The Liz Freese Memorial Tree project is on hold, pending repair of Buffalo Box.

Two additional trees, marked by green stripes, have been approved. A fundraiser for $1100-$1200 is needed. In a previous fundraiser, 24 people gave $1000.

Sunken Garden

Nearby residents are complaining that young people are a problem at night. A broken light, which may have contributed to the problem, has been repaired. Tom calls Precinct 17 when he becomes aware of a problem, but he said the best solution is for neighbors to attend CAPS meetings.

Barb Wood is still interested in getting a tree at Sunken Garden. Theresa talked to Gerry about a tree for the memorial. Theresa, Gerry, and Luke will meet with Barb within 2 weeks; Barb has funding for the tree.

Tom and Kevin are looking for sources of mulch for the park.

Horner Park

There were between 3000 and 4000 people at the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Everything ran smoothly and NW Little League was responsible for clean-up.

New classes in the fall are being offered by Christina: Youth Pilates, Yoga, and Adult Pilates.

The Woodshop instructor position is still open.

Glenda Daniels with Openlands may do a tree inventory in the fall.

New Business

Jake is improving. John O’Connell proposed a $75 Visa card as a gift from HPAC.


Attachment 1: Jerome Scott response to Theresa Hick’s pruning assessment

Attendance roster:

Peter Schlossman-President, Larry Brown-Vice President, Kevin Anderson-Treasurer, Lisa Cleveland-Co-Secretary, Rachael Brown, Theresa Hicks, Tom McManamon, Alan Mueller, John O’Connell.

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