July 2014 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council


July 7, 2014

Peter Schlossman – President, presiding, called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Previous Minutes:
The minutes of the June 2014 meeting were approved, pending changes.

Treasurer’s Report:
The following funds are in HPAC accounts:

Checking         $13,280.38
Savings           $14,874.69
Paypal             $3,913.52
Total               $32,068.59

Quickbooks agrees with the checking account.

Dog Friendly Area Committee:
The DFA had a booth at the manor bash. Tennis balls, dog cookies, and T-shirts were sold.

At a recent meeting, park executives presented the DFA committee with a proposal for an area with a concrete surface. Erica explained that is not what they had in mind and is going to follow-up with a letter explaining what the DFA would like to have as a dog park.

Erica needs volunteers to sell ads for the Midnight Circus pamphlet. HPAC keeps 100% of the proceeds.

Concert Committee:
The June 13 opening with a Jazz violinist was a huge success.

The Manor Bash was successful with an estimated 800 people attending. The budget was exceeded by less than $100. John said it was this bash was much better than previous ones because of all the booths and activities. Alderman Mell attended. Peter expressed thanks to all who helped. Thomas Applegate was the spearhead. John will ask Thomas if he is interested in doing another bash next year.

The Alice in Wonderland performance had an attendance of 80 people.

Grand Tour asked if they create scavenger hunts with free dinner vouchers at appropriate events; everyone agreed that this is a good idea.

Farmer’s Market
There are postcards for the Market. 12 of 13 slots are filled. Everyone was asked to like the Facebook page. John made a motion to spend under $100 on a banner for HPAC. The motion was passed.  Amy will take care of obtaining a banner.

Park Briefs:

Horner Park:
Softball and Little League games were in progress during the thunderstorms last Monday. The games should have been called off but were not. Peter sent mail to Tom to clarify the policy or create one if no policy exists.

There is major excavation along the river front:
The steps are uneven and steep. The proposed modification is handrails.
Someone commented that the riverside walk is being reduced from 4ft. to 2ft. but Peter said it was originally 2ft.
The upland trail is being reduced from 8 ft. to 4 ft., which compromises a police presence because they cannot drive their vehicles on the trail.
There are several places where there is runoff from the clay pit and it is forming streams to the river.

These issues have been raised, but the USACE does not want to do a walk through until they are done, which would be too late to air concerns. Besides these issues, HPAC would like to forestall any use of concrete mesh or concrete blocks, which homeowners are using on the east side of the river.

Ravenswood Manor Park:
The fire hydrant was moved to the opposite corner. All three old fashioned lights have been out all summer, suggesting it may be the circuit.

Jacob Park:
Ben brought results of the survey. 95% of the respondents support un-programmed recreation, using existing topology, and highlighting the river. Most neighbors want to keep the big, beautiful cottonwood tree.

Buffalo Park:
Susan Davenport has finished planning. There is a new tree on the parkway at north of Sunnyside. Originally, approval for this tree was not given because it could block the stop sign. Suddenly the tree appeared.

Sunken Gardens:
Kathleen reported that there is periodic vandalism, but Tom is always very responsive. She would like to talk about long term improvements. The near-by residents are celebrating their centennial this year too – there are 127 homes in the area.

Sept. 6 is their bash. They would like to have music this year and are asking for $500 for music and supplies. John let them know that they could get tables and chairs from here, rather than spending money on rentals.

John motioned that we spend $500 to support their bash. John said that the concert committee raised much more than that. The motion was approved unanimously.

 Website Committee: No Report

 Grand Tour Promotion:
Grand Tour is offering to give 5% to of proceeds when any customer mentions Horner Park on specific days. They customer could specify the project they want to sponsor or it could be used for a specific project. One example cited was as need for a balance beam, although this may be already funded.

Grand Tour asked that we split the marketing costs. They also want to put a fund-raising thermometer in the field house; Gretchen reported that Tom is not interested in having one. There was also discussion of what the marketing costs and how we could control them.

John made a motion to fund the marketing campaign for $100 but the motion was not seconded. This item is tabled until the Sept. meeting.

Stewardship Committee:
John has all the permits for watering. The cap and key must be returned by end of the summer. The individuals that have the keys are: Luke (Sunken Gardens), Ben (Jacobs), Sue (Buffalo),

Nominating Committee
The committee will meet this evening at 8pm.

Sept. 6 Sunken Gardens Bash

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted: Lisa Cleveland


Peter Schlossman – President
Larry Brown – Vice President
Kevin Anderson – Treasurer
Lisa Cleveland – Co-Secretary
John O’Connell – Head of HPAC Concert Series Committee, Friends of the Parks Representative
Erica Beutler – Chair, DFA
John Friedmann – Emerald Ash Borer
Gretchen Helmreich – Chair, Farmer’s Market
Ali Avgeris – Grand Tour
Sarah Graff – RGHA
Amy Jahnke –Farmer’s Market
Larry Hodak – Neighbor
Carol Maher – Neighbor
John Lyman – neighbor
Lynn Sheck – DFA
Kathleen Trainor – RGHA

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