January 2014 Meeting Minutes

­Horner Park Advisory Council


January 6, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm by President Peter Schlossman. The meeting was held at the Horner Park Field House.

Approval of December Minutes
no copies circulated for review; approval tabled until February meeting

Report of the Treasurer
MB checking $8,259.26
MB savings $14,872.24
Paypal $2,180.78
Total $25,312.28

Quickbooks accounts reconcile with online financial institution statements.

HPAC has opened a new brokerage account for supporters who wish to make donations of stock.

Dog Friendly Area (DFA)
Peter raised the question from Erica and the DFAC of an HPAC contribution to the project.

Larry Brown suggested holding off on making a pledge until DFAC has laid out a clearer fundraising plan.

John Friedmann suggested holding off on commitments pending determination of USACE project parameters and outcomes.

A discussion followed regarding the money leftover (possibly now gone) from donations received for Buffalo Park renovation.

Carol Maher suggested that DFAC add a disclaimer to the donation solicitations in case the dog friendly area doesn’t come to pass.

It was decided to table a donation decision until February’s meeting when a representative of the DFAC committee can be present.

Horner Park River Project

Peter received a communication from Representative Quigley’s office indicating that IDNR had no reason to withhold a permit. A group of east bank neighbors met on Saturday with Ald. Pawar’s (47th Ward) office and ILDNR, and USACE. John F. provided copies of the IDNR summary report that was distributed at that meeting. Permit issuance seems imminent but has not yet been stated explicitly.

Larry Brown suggested that HPAC independently hire a biologist expert (perhaps affiliated with or referred by the National Audubon Society) to determine whether or not there is a Black Crown Heron nest. It was decided to research potential costs and acceptable authorities. John F. will include Ald. Deb Mell in the conversation. Peter will request a clear update on findings from IDNR & USACE. Larry will draft a letter to Ald. Pawar’s office to request inclusion of HPAC in ongoing discussions related to this project.

Jeff Heath will be taking over for Nicole Roach as the USACE project manager as of 1/13.

Kevin Anderson reported: MWRD construction is progressing on the East Bank.

Park Briefs

Horner Park

John Friedmann reported broken benches on east side of park still to be removed. Tom McManamon will follow up.

Jacob Playlot

Ben Ranney and Nate Hutcheson reported: CPD did successfully acquire from the CTA a parcel of property adjacent to the south side of Jacob Park. Ben commented that there are some pretty significant grade changes that will be needed to develop the site for park use. Neighbors have been having discussions about both short and long term planning. Ben and Nate a discussion with LaManda Joy of PGP following a workshop about how to start your own community garden, beginning about a year ago an ongoing conversation about options for interim use of the park land. In the beginning of November Ben, Nate, LaManda, John O’Connell, and Tom McManamon met to look the site over for viability for gardening. LaManda assessed that the top elevation area away from the big cottonwood tree would work best as a site for raised beds.

A conversation followed about the site and vegetable gardens on CPD property. Kevin mentioned Jackson Park’s Growing Power gardens.

Sarah Reiser raised concerns about situating a private subscription/access model, including secured fencing, in a public park.

Ben Ranney pointed out that there are two clear tracks to consider for future development of the site: interim and longer term.

Ravenswood Manor Park– no report

Buffalo Park– no report

Sunken Gardens – no report

Communications Committee –  Sarah Reiser committed to scheduling a Tuesday evening training session for HPAC folks who would like to help build and maintain HornerPark.org and who know or would like to learn WordPress. To learn more about this training session, please email her at sarah@navelgazer.com.

New Business
Carol Maher brought up the unsightly painted bus shelter on Montrose by Horner Park—and wondered whether there are any other, cleaner, shelters available elsewhere. A brief discussion of bus shelters and the advertising vendor who frequently supply and maintain them. Ald. Mell was approached about the white-painted (over gang graffiti) Montrose bus shelter in November. HPAC will inquire further with the Alderman’s office.

John Friedmann requested opening up the Horner Park parking lot for residents to relocate their cars overnight and enable city plows to clean California.

HPAC would like to issue an enthusiastic kudos to Anne Rozmin on her organizing the big neighborhood tree planting project in November during which 15-16 trees were planted.

Concert Committee
John O’Connell reported: fundraising for 20th concert series season is ramping up. Budget about $12k.

Working in collaboration with Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association on planning a Centennial Bash for June 28, 2014 in and around Ravenswood Manor Park. John, Sarah Reiser, & neighbor Tracey Lowenthal will produce the staged entertainment for the Bash.

DCASE … um, someone said something… 😉

Stewardship Committee
Earth Day will be on Saturday April 26, 2014 and marks 25 years of Friends of the Parks’ event observance.

The meeting adjourned at 9

Peter Schlossman – President
Kevin Anderson – Treasurer
Sarah Reiser – Co-Secretary
Lisa Cleveland – Co-Secretary
John O’Connell – Concert Committee, Friends of the Parks Representative
John Friedmann – Save the Ash Tree Coalition
Larry Brown
John Ebner
Amanda K. Grace
Ben Ranney
Nate Hutcheson

Respectfully submitted: Sarah Reiser, Co-Secretary



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