January 2013 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by President Peter Schlossman.  The meeting was at the Horner Park Field House and a quorum was determined to be present.   

Approval of Minutes  
The minutes of the December 2012 meeting were approved.

Report of the Treasurer
MB checking 4,156.75
MB savings 14,864.82
Paypal     690.78
Total: 19,712.35

The Quickbooks account reconciles with the bank statements. Kevin commented that Sarah needs to be added as a signatory to the bank account.

Dog Friendly Area (DFA)
Laura has created a blog and Facebook page for the DFA. She will coordinate with Sarah about integrating the sites. Peter suggested that the discussion should be directed to the DFA web site. The Ward 33 meeting on Jan. 17 will include the dog friendly area. The meeting is open to the public, and comments, positive or negative, can be aired. There is another petition drive on Jan 26, the area east of the park. The DFAC hopes to finish the petitions and begin fundraising by the end of March.

River Project
Larry Brown read his report from the CTA meeting. The under-bridge connector project is in phase 2, pending funding and expansion of Irving Park for bike paths. Peter is going to try to talk to Rep. Quigley about funding; Larry pointed out that federal fund are going to be effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Website Committee – No Report

Garden Committee – No Report

Concert Committee
Matt is booking two acts for July but will not be able to chair the events. Sarah is chairing one of them and John will find a co-chair for the other act. John hopes to have the solicitation letters out by February. John also has ideas about increasing sponsorship by allowing them to put a link on the HPAC website.

Park Briefs
Buffalo Park
John has been contacted by an anonymous donor who wants to put in a tree. Barb Wood has agreed to accept the tree.

Sunken Gardens
The American Linden tree has been planted. John will send a thank you note to the park district for planting the tree. Theresa suggested that John include the Ravenswood Manor Homeowners Association. Theresa will work with John on the thank-you note.

Ravenswood Manor Park
The lilacs are overgrown, as discussed in the November minutes. Theresa recommends that we delay the request for trimming until after they have flowered. If done before they flowered, they may not flower this year. Work has been done on 2 trees, identified in the November minutes, as needing pruning. We need to evaluate if enough has been done. Both Sarah and John how have keys to the bulletin board.

Peter sent a letter to O’Connor regarding the CTA lot for sale. The letter is in attachment 1.

Horner Park
Tom, through Peter, requested $150 for the Valentine’s Dance for refreshments. A vote was taken and was approved. Peter will let Tom know about the accumulation of trees in the parking lot. Larry received email regarding adult softball; Larry forwarded the request to Tom.

New Business
Feb. 8: Daddy/daughter, Mother/Son Valentine’s Dance

The meeting was adjourned at 8:04pm. The next meeting is February 4th at 7:00pm at the Horner Park Field House.

Peter Schlossman – President, Larry Brown – Vice President, Kevin Anderson – Treasurer, Lisa Cleveland – Co-Secretary, John O’Connell, Teresa Hicks, Erica Beutler.

Respectfully submitted: Lisa Cleveland & Sarah Reiser, Co-Secretaries

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