January 2007 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

Larry Brown, as President, presiding, called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Kevin Anderson acted as secretary for this meeting.

Previous Minutes: The minutes of the December 04, 2006 meeting were distributed and approved with corrections unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: John Lyman delivered the Treasurer’s report for January. The fund balances follow:

December 04, 2006
Savings Acct.: $1,278.20
Checking Acct.:  $27,202.73
Total:  $28,480.93

January 08, 2007
Savings Acct. $2,126.70
Checking Acct. $27,238.66
Total: $29,365.36

John Lyman has added a QuickBooks Online user account for Suzy so she can do enter her timesheets electronically. He also added an administrator user account for Larry Brown, and has given him the login access codes for the online banking account.

Sarah’s Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Program account has an unchanged balance of $664.

John Lyman lowered the credit card limit from $5000 to $2000.

Suzy needs a Form 1099 for her 2006 work.

John Lyman is working on getting an updated tax exemption letter from the state.

Horner Field Renovation Report:
Tom expects the remaining 20% of the work to resume in early March when the winter weather breaks. The light circles are in place and the posts are coming.

Tom received a complaint from a baseball coach about access to the resodded diamonds being restricted until after April 17. Tom received the full support from The Council for these efforts to protect the new turf.

Ald. Mell’s office has communicated that a follow-up public meeting about the ballfield lights was held with the Horner Park West Neighborhood Association. No date was given.

Tom will look into the reported $70,000 in funds ($30,000 in 2006, $40,000 in 2007) allocated for improving the little fieldhouse.

Park Announcements:
The electronic version of the letterhead has been updated.

Bitty basketball and indoor soccer are coming soon. The state indoor rowing championships will be held in the big gym and the lounge on Feb. 17th. Six new exercise classes have started and are 80% full. A Valentine’s Day party is expected in February; there will be a $5 cover.

Suzy will re-apply for Green Corp plant donations to be used in the parkways adjacent to the park lands.

Web Site:
Work will be done on a flyer to recruit high school students looking to fulfill their service learning hours by doing document scanning and webpage conversion for the website. Arrangements will be made to make an Internet link available in the Horner Park fieldhouse for doing this with a borrowed laptop computer and scanner. Dean offered to share HPBA’s basement Internet access for this.

Park Briefs:
Horner Park:
Larry Brown brought a picture of the plaque mounted with the Green Deeds tree. Tom will look into whether the plaque goes beyond what is included as part of the Green Deed.

Tom reported that the ice maker in the little fieldhouse was not winterized and burst a pipe. Also, The Council remains concerned about water getting into the building through the hole in the bricks along the south wall, and has asked about it again. Tom reported that another guy is coming out to look at.

Irving Park Road underbridge connector is scheduled to be constructed in 2008. Tom will have Kitty try to get it in writing.

Replacement benches are being installed; they will be set at a 90° angle. Tom discussed the cost of bleachers for some of the more popular diamonds, and will ask Chicago Public Schools if they can offer any assistance.

Ravenswood Manor Park:
Some fencing along the western boundary was knocked down by a motorist…

The Concert Committee will meet at 7pm on Tuesday, January 16th at John O’Connell’s house.

Drawings for the Francisco El station have been request from Paschen, to be used to design a new kiosk in the same style.

Larry has meeting scheduled with the RMIA and the alderman’s office.

Buffalo Park:
John O’Connell sent word that funding for the council ring project is looking very good, and it should be done much faster than was expected.

Sunken Garden Park:
The sign is now back up.

New Business:
Dean Hansen from the Horner Park Baseball Association brought information packets with details on their upcoming season which included a schedule of events, budgets, and details on sponsorships. He extended an inivitation to The Council to attend their February meeting.

No other business, the meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 05, 2007 at 7 PM at Horner Park.

Respectfully submitted: Kevin Anderson

Roster of those in Attendance: Larry Brown, President; John Lyman, Vice President/Treasurer; Kevin Anderson, Co-Secretary; Dean R. Hansen Sr.; Michael Holm; Edgar Lopez; Luis Lopez; Susie Novak; Tom McManamon, CPD

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