February 2012 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm by President Peter Schlossman. The meeting was at the Horner Park Field House and a quorum was determined to be present.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the 01/09/2011 meeting were approved.

Report of the Treasurer
MB checking $5,991.06
MB savings $1,000.00
Chase savings $10,327.84
Paypal $1,125.18
Total $18,444.08

All accounts are reconciled and consistent with records and bank statements. The report of the treasurer was approved.

Concert Committee
The first concert of the season is scheduled for June 15, 2012. Don Johnson contacted John O’Connell suggesting that his Shalespeare companym, Spectralia Theater, give two performances of As You Like It on Sat. Jun 30 and Sun. July 1. An increase of the budget by the #300 to pay them was approved. The concert season will consist of six evenings of music, all Fridays.

Lunar Media designed a new logo and is using it on marketing materials as well as a new letterhead. These marketing materials should be ready in a month. At that time, John O’Connell will be asking for help in the door to door distribution of the flyers.

Now that CPD covers advisory councils in their insurance, complete insurance is no longer needed. A motion to continue insurance coverage of directors and officers was approved. Initially, $800 was approved for insurance; with liability coverage dropped, a savings of $450 will be realized.l

Dog Friendly Area

Heather Gleason emailed Peter indicating that she offered to assist with the dog friendly area. Tom suggested that the dog friendly area cannot be implrmented until after any river front improvements for the Army Corp of Engineers is finished.

River Front
The under bridge connector project is scheduled to begin final design in spring to summer 2012 and implementation in mid to late 2013, pending funding.

Garden Committee
Ann Rozmin is requesting a tree be planted in Manor Park for the Liz Freese Memorial. Liz Freeze was very active in the community and in the garden club. She is requesting that HPAC act as a fiscal agent for her fundraising efforts. John prepared a tree report, documenting the funding and planting of trees in Ravenswood Manor Park.

Park Briefs
Renovations: Elevators are finished and are awaiting inspection from the city. The complications in meeting ADA requirements in the bathroom are still being resolved. Locker rooms are opened and available to the public. Use of the fitness room is under review; it may be transformed into a youth room.

Woodshop: Tom McManamon submitted another vacancy request.

Peter Schlossman is writing a letter to Pat Townsend regarding the wood shop, use of the fitness room, and the dog park which offers a new revenue stream; he will be distributing it to the council for comment.

Two activities are planned at Horner Park: a Valentine Dance Friday, February 10 and a
Doggie Easter Egg hunt on April 7.

North River Commission has invited representatives from Friends of the Park to discuss what roles parks should play in the future. The discussion is Feb. 7 at Horner Park.
Feb. 14th and 15th, there will be no power in the park from 9am to 3pm.

The map of the district is being redrawn and Jacob will be moving to a new district. Financial support for improvements to Jacobs Park is under discussion.
There was discussion about the willingness of CPD to provide a replacement pirate ship for the playground.

Ravenswood Manor
The light is fixed.

Sunken Gardens, Buffalo
No Report.

Website Committee
John O’Connell will provide Michael Holm with the new banner, to get them on Mail Chimp. John will also send out email alerting people about the next advisory council meeting.

New Business
Friends of the Parks is sponsoring Earth Day clean up on April 21 from 9am to 12pm.
Friends of the River is sponsoring River Day on May 12.
The meeting was adjorned at 8:45pm.

Attendance Roster:
Peter Schlossman, President, Larry Brown, Vice President; Kevin Anderson, Treasurer; John Bernbom – Co-Secretary, Lisa Cleveland – Co-Secretary, John O’Connell, Tom McManamon.

Respectfully submitted: Lisa Cleveland, Co-Secretary

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