December 2014 Meeting Minutes



Horner Park Advisory Council


December 1, 2014

The HPAC meeting will be convened at 7:25pm at Montis’ 4757 N. Talman Avenue.

 Previous Minutes:
The minutes of the November 2014 meetings were distributed on Nov. 28 for review and were approved.

Kevin moved that we accept the December minutes, which were written by Peter before the meeting, based on input from the committee chairs. They were approved with changes introduced at the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:
The following funds are in HPAC accounts:

MB checking   16,547.71
MB savings     14,875.81
Paypal                4,499.24
Total:                35,922.76

The online accounts reconcile with the Quickbooks accounts.

A notice of a $10 monthly gift was received through Paypal without a notice of what initiative it should be applied to or how many months it would extend. Peter S. will coordinate with others as to how to acknowledge the gift with a letter of thanks.

Peter S. requested that Kevin Anderson send a check to Manor Garden Club for HPAC’s commitment of $500 toward parkway tree planting.

Peter and Lisa signed documents for the new account at MB Bank. Kevin reported that the 990 is up-to-date and the web site payment has been made.

 Dog Friendly Area Committee:
Erica is in discussion with a group that may provide pro bono design services for the DFA.
CPD has not responded to recent correspondence from Erica to Rob Rejman following up on the DFA meeting discussion.

 Concert Committee:
ohn O’Connell held a meeting November 12 for the concert committee. A quick recap of 2014 (20th Season) was given. Total raised was $13,300 with approximately 70 ads and 90 households.  All evenings were sponsored.  Total expenses were $13,487.37 due to the extra support for the Ravenswood Gardens party in Sunken Gardens Park of $500, so there was a slight loss of ($187.37).

The 2014 ManorBash was a great success.  RMIA has proposed staging a Mini-bash on a Saturday in late June 2015, going 5pm – 9 pm. RMIA will budget up to $1,500 + $50 for liability. Earlier in the day may be the kids parade and hotdogs.  We would close off only Francisco and part of Eastwood. Events include games, crafts, food vans, music.

Ravenswood Gardens Homeowners would like to do a late August show again at Sunken Gardens, Luke Ross producing.

To concert committee would like to do at least one show at Horner with Gretchen Helmreich and John Friedmann producing; they could not attend this evening but are joining the committee.

It was noted that more help has to be given to John, especially on sales.

Draft Calendar (All at RMPark unless noted):

Date        Day       Act/Site                     Producer
June 12.  Friday    Opening                    John
June 26.  Friday    Old Town School?     John
June 27.  Saturday MiniBash                 Tracy, Thomas
July 10.   Friday     Horner?                    Gretchen and John Friedmann
July 24.   Friday     Generations            Chris M
August 7  Friday     String quartet?        Chris N (Second hour classical)
August 21 Friday     Rokko and Hat       Chris M
August 22 Saturday Sunken Gardens     Luke

John needs to contact Spectralia Theatre and Theatre Hikes to include them again in the season.  These would be afternoons on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

The committe briefly discussed other times and days (i.e. Saturday afternoon after a Farmer Market?). This could be done but might be confusing to promote. The group is open to further discussion on the matter.

It is not certain if the Horner show will be a Friday show, so the July 10 could be in RMPark, with a Saturday show with a movie at Horner on the 11th.

The committee will create a $12,000 budget, and will develop more breakdown.

Lunar Media still will do marketing materials and the program composition at same cost, but we need to update brochure.

John will research new lighting.

 Farmer’s Market: No Report

Park Briefs:

Horner Park:
The fabric screen on the chain link fence alongside the riverfront construction is starting to come loose.

Peter S. received images from US Army Corps of an example project at Eugene Field showing what the new river restoration might look like. These could be used for a web article, banner or poster. Copy and layout for the notice will need to be coordinated in the future. Peter S. is looking for a volunteer to help on that.

The tennis court lights are being left on into the evening, and HPAC has received complaints. Peter S. contacted Tom McManamon who stated that the timers on the lights will need to be adjusted.

The HPAC board was approached about holding a cyclocross race at Horner Park in December. Peter S. discussed it with Tom McManamon who had already told the group that it wouldn’t be appropriate. Peter S. sent a response to the group mentioning that timing was short to manage an event of that type but that they were welcome to attend a meeting if they want further consideration.

 Ravenswood Manor Park:
The results of the playground equipment survey are in and compiled. The results were adjusted to account for multiple votes that were received from the same source. Scheme D by Nu-Toys was the winning design option with 37.4% of the votes. The next closest scheme was Option A – Burke which got 30.6% of the votes. The community supported replacing the equipment immediately rather than deferring to a later date by a 82:18 ratio. The results were forwarded to Tom McManamon and Michael Lange who is administering the program for CPD.

Peter S. followed up to ask if the old playground equipment could be donated to another playground that needs it. Michael Lange responded to say that, “there is a transfer of liability associated with playground equipment and therefore, CPD requires that the contractor dispose of the equipment.” Peter S. also inquired whether there was another design stage and/or if any modifications could be implemented before the project moves forward. Michael Lange stated that the selected design will get built as shown.

The status of the lights that are out, the ash tree that needs to be tended to and the broken fence rail that were reported at previous meetings is unchanged. Follow up is necessary.

Jacob Park:
Peter S. will inquire about the status of the bids for the CTA lot expansion.

 Buffalo Park:
Suzanne Davenport reported that the corner parkways have been planted with new bulbs. The planters are emptied and will be all mulched by early December. Suzanne will submit receipts for the plant material to Kevin.

Suzanne thanked HPAC for its support and the neighbors who have helped with gardening this year. She has received several comments on how nice the park and corners look. She will work next spring on the low-grow sumac bed around the council ring.

Sunken Gardens: No Report.

Website Committee: No Report

 Stewardship Committee:
15 new trees were planted on Nov. 15 on parkways in the Ravenswood Manor streets south of Wilson. HPAC thanks all of those that contributed to the effort including Openlands, Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association, and the Manor Garden Club. Another planting in spring 2015 is being organized for streets north of Wilson.

 New Business:
Peter S. wants to thank all of the members and the board of HPAC, Tom McManamon and the Chicago Park District for making 2014 a successful year. Several initiatives have made great strides and expanded HPAC’s reach this year. The Horner Park riverfront restoration is progressing well, and next year we should see the new landscape taking form. The Concert Committee is thriving with assistance from allied neighborhood groups. The DFA committee is gaining traction and resources and the Farmer’s Market has brought good food and new social activity to our community. The Jacob Playlot expansion is moving forward, and Ravenswood Manor Park is scheduled to get updated equipment in 2015. In addition, we have a newly formulated board that I’m looking forward to working with next year. Thanks to Larry Brown and Sarah Reiser who served on the board the last two years, and to John Friedmann and Amy Jahnke who are taking their places as incoming board members. It’s satisfying to see all of our parks getting the attention and improvements that our community deserves. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Have a great holiday and best wishes for the New Year!

The meeting was adjourned at 7:P40pm. The first meeting of 2015 will be held January 5 at 7:00pm at the Horner Park Fieldhouse.

Respectfully submitted: Peter Schlossman


Schlo9ssman – President, John Friedman – Vice President, Kevin Anderson – Treasurer, Lisa Cleveland – ????So-Secretary, John O’Connell – Chair, Concert Committee, Larry Hodak – Neighbor, Carol Maher – Nei9ghbor, Lynn Sheck – DFA.

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