December 2004 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

Jerry Giese, President, called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m. Larry Brown acted as secretary for this meeting.

Previous Minutes: There were no previous minutes

Treasurer’s Report: Elaine Taylor Presented the report.

  • Checking $ 5,095.43
  • Savings 4,157.06
  • Total 9,252.49

Council Business: Elaine will be submitting the council’s annual not-for-profit report to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. Brian Basler, President of the RMIA, recently contacted the council to propose a dog park at Horner Park. The council rejected bringing this idea to a vote as this has previously been rejected by community dog owners.

Announcements: The CPD winter program sign up will be held on Saturday, December 4th and online registration held on November 29th was a sell out. The annual Holiday show and Concert will be on December 3rd. Woodworking classes will be changing the weekly schedule to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be held at Brand’s park. The annual Turkey shoot basketball event was widely attended by more than 19 families.

Concert Committee: No Report

Garden Committee: Susie Novak will be off of the CPD payroll from November 1st through sometime in spring. In the spring the CPD will evaluate their budget to see if her salary can be reinstated.

Park Briefs: Terry Sweeney, Horner Park Supervisor, and Dale Marie Grandys, North Region Supervisor, were present and representing the Horner Park Staff and CPD.

Horner Park: The under-bridge connection at Irving Park Rd. is unofficially moving forward. The CPD received a letter form a park user complaining about dead squirrels and if the CPD is systematically poisoning them. Dale Marie Grandys assured the council that this is not the case. Council noted that some park users in the past have been found barbequing squirrels in the past, but this has not been noticed in a couple of years.

Baseball Fields: No Report

Ravenswood Manor Park: Alan Mueller is to varify that the RMIA will again be putting up holiday decorations.

Buffalo Park: John O’Connell has contacted Mike Emerson to work with existing designs to move this project forward.

Jacob Park: No Report

Sunken Garden Park: No Report

Horner Park Riverbank Initiative: No Report

Jerry Giese thanked all those in attendance and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Larry Brown

Roster of those in attendance: Jerry Giese, President; Elaine Taylor, Treasurer; Larry Brown, Secretary; Terry Sweeney, Park Supervisor; Dale Marie Grandys, North Region Supervisor, CPD; Alan Mueller

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