April 2012 Meeting Minutes

Horner Park Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm by President Peter Schlossman. The meeting was at the Horner Park Field House and a quorum was determined to be present.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the March 2012 meeting were approved, with changes.

Jacob Playlot
It was announced that the three lots south of the play lot are now being offered for sale by CTA. The RFP is on line. The RFP makes no mention of Jacob Play lot except as a general amenity of the property. President Schlosman and Vice President Brown expressed concern over the CTA plans especially since upgrading Jacob is a major priority of HPAC – including possible expansion of the play lot to the adjoining three lots. By unanimous vote, HPAC authorized Schlossman to communicate to CTA stating HPAC’s opposition of the proposed sale, citing HPAC’s long term commitment to improvement and expansion of the play lot. The communication will be copied to community and political leaders.

A committee was formed to develop a petition and solicit signatures in opposition to development of the site. Members of this committee include: John O’Connell, Sarah Reiser, Nate Hutcheson, Ben Ranney and Tom Kosinski.

There was a general discussion of improvements of Jacob Playlot. It is recognized that here is a need to work with leadership of both the 40th and 47th wards. Water access to the play lot is in the process of completion in order to protect and enhance trees and other vegetation. The purchase of the JOBOX is underway. There will be further discussion of available equipment and resources from CPD to improve the play lot. Tom McManamon is evaluating the availability of CPS equipment for use at Jacob.

Dog Friendly Area
President Schlossman stated that communication with Janice Taylor, CPD’s manager of DFA issues, indicated that an open run area will not likely be approved by CPD. It was explained that the possible Horner project is not intended to be a typical CPD project since a two acre site is preliminarily being considered. HPAC wishes to establish a committee to move the issue. Sigrid Schmidt is interested in being a committee member. The Friends of the Parks magazine will soon publish an article on DFAs. The CPD website has instructions on the approval process. Based on prior survey results, we have a list of potential members of the committee. The Doggie Egg Day on April 7 will be used to promote the DFA concept.

Concert Committee
All solicitations are now out and distribution of flyers is underway. Revenue being received and all dates are set. The first concert of the season is scheduled for June 15. Possible expansion of concerts to Horner Park next season discussed, depending on volunteers to own the process. Possible face painting at concerts discussed.

Manor Park
The Manor Garden Club reported to HPAC on the preliminary establishment of a labyrinth at Manor Park, with plans to propose a permanent improvement. HPAC advised the garden club concerning HPAC’s experiences with CPD regulations, procedures and liability issues; with a strong direction to work with CPD and obtain CPD approval. It was suggested that the garden club also work with the Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association.

President Schlossman will communicate to CPD concerning possible damage to trees due to apparent poor quality of Manor Park tree trimming.

Request for additional trash can to be forwarded to Tom McManamon

Buffalo Park
The Manor Garden Club, with approval from the City of Chicago Department of Forestry, will plant a tree on the parkway adjacent to Buffalo Park in memory of Liz Freese. HPAC approved by unanimous vote to spend $200 for planting materials for Buffalo and Manor Parks.

Sunken Gardens
Discussion of maintenance and tree planning issues. Possible tree replacement on the south side of park, center portion, between the benches. Discussion of permit for water access from fire hydrant.

Renovation project nearing final completion but no final approval of elevator.
Woodcraft class will resume twice per week, with the start date to be confirmed.

Report of the Treasurer
MB checking 4,803.94
MB savings 2,125.50
Chase saving 10,328.23
Paypal 204.18
Total $17,461.85

All accounts are reconciled and consistent with records and bank statements.

Doggie Egg Hunt, April 7
Earth Day cleanup, April 21. Recognition of cleanup captains present at meeting:
Luke Ross – Sunken Gardens
Theresa Hicks – Horner
Sarah Reiser – Manor
River Day cleanup, May 12.
Avon Breast Cancer Walk, June 1-3.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.

Attendance Roster:
Peter Schlossman, President; Larry Brown, Vice President; ; John Bernbom, Co-Secretary, Teresa Hicks, Alan Mueller, John O’Connell, Patrick Boylan, Chris Braun, Nate Hutcheson, Michael Herman, Tom Kosinski. Sheila Pacione, Ben Ranney, Sheila Reiser, Luke Ross, Sigrid Schmidt, and Diane Sutliff.
Respectfully submitted: John Bernbom, Co-Secretary

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