Saturday 9/27 and Sunday 9/28 at 1pm in Ravenswood Manor Park!

TheaterHikes_v2This new work, written for Theatre-Hikes, explores 5 grave chicago stories.  Resurrection Mary gives the work it’s title, the famous Chicago ghost story of a woman who goes by the name of Mary and dances all night in a bar.  A gentleman takes her home, but on the way, down Archer Avenue, passing Resurrection Cemetery the woman either gets out of the car or disappears from within the car.  The HH Holmes murders, known as the first American serial killer, was made famous by the novel “Devil in the White City.  Leavy’s Handprint left on a firehouse window that wouldn’t wash clean for 20 years after his death is told through an intoxicating monologue.  A desparate woman presses an employee of the Hull House on the Devil Baby and where they are hiding it.  The show ends with the Chicago tale of Julia Petta, the Italian Bride.  She married too young and her mother felt she was buried alive.  The mother begs her son to dig her up because she’s calling to her from beyond the grave.  When the coffin is unearthed, she appears just as fresh and full of life as she did on her wedding day.

This project is partially supported by a CityArts Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.

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